Monday, 20 April 2015

When the sun comes, I'm not shining: LRP Anthelios XL Anti-brilliance / Anti-shine

Eh c'mere to me now: If you are going to be spending time in the sun this summer (when it finally arrives) you are going to need La Roche Posay Anthelios XL. And not the ordinary one. You are going to need the one with the green band, the Anti-Brilliance / Anti Shine Dry touch gel-cream one.

The 50ml flippy-top (Yay) tube costs €19.50 and it is worth EVERY cent. Because this is the first sunscreen that I have ever used that doesn't feel greasy AND it doesn't look greasy. S'truth. I applied it over my moisturiser and it sunk in pretty much immediately, without leaving behind that tacky sunscreen feel.

For facial sunscreen I use a strip that is as wide as the hole it comes out of, as long as the top digit of my index finger, I dot it all around my face then rub it in gently making sure to get right under my eyes and the tip of my nose and my ears. But by the time I got round to my ears it had all dried/absorbed. I had to use a squidge more to get my ears covered.

And when I say it was dry, I mean there was no filmy feeling. No grease. No shine. It was like I had applied a primer and blotting powder to my face. And you can forget about there being white marks left behind or appearing when you are mid-walk. It held strong. Hello!

After my 4km walk, in what was an early taste of summer to come, it held up really, really well. And this is going in the bag for when we go on our holidays when we hit the water parks because it didn't smear off when I was perspiring (it allowed me to perspire without looking like a greasy sweaty mess!) and after a quick blot with a towel I didn't look like I needed an appointment with a clay mask and a box of blotting papers.

Chuck in the fact that it is suitable for sensitive skins, has broad spectrum protection, and isn't scented makes this LRP Anthelios XL Anti-greaseball-Brilliance / Anti-shine a great buy for summer. I really hope that this is a permanent fixture in their SPF line up because I am a whole lot in love.

Granted I've not used this under make-up, but I think it will hold up quite well under sheer-er foundations and bb creams. I can't wait for sunny weather to give this a proper testing. You will need to re-apply after swimming and heavy perspiration, but for a bit of walking around and catching some rays you will be golden (haha).

You can find La Roche Posay sunscreens in Boots stores and pharmacies almost every where.

**PR Sample Gratefully received, Opinion always my own

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