Monday, 2 February 2015

January 2015 Favourites: YoungBlood Mineral Makeup

Generally, I quite like January. Yes its a long-ass month, and yes everyone is broke, but its also a time of fresh starts and gives everyone a chance to start over. But this year has been a bit of a crappy start, mainly because my skin has been freaking out and its been getting me down. I suspect my hormones are to blame though as I am not in the best mindset at the moment either (which leads me to thinking its hormonal). But that is for another day.

I have been trying to be really good to my skin. I am not wearing as much makeup as I might normally, and I am not wearing it as often as I normally would, mainly because I would just end up plastering it on and I have not mastered that look. So I have been keeping it light and trying to use things that would do my skin a bit of good while covering up the worst if it. YoungBlood fits this category perfectly.

I was faffing with my camera settings in this image and the top image so I'm sorry they are grainy

Pauline Youngblood created YoungBlood Mineral Cosmetics to enable clients to cover raw, inflamed or discolored skin, while allowing it to breathe and heal. And I am quite happy to say that it is doing just that.

I have already mentioned that Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation (€35) is one of my favourite foundations and things haven't changed. Pebble is perfect for my winter skin. It is pale enough that it takes very little blending and it melts into my skin to cover any blemishes and imperfections. It is hydrating enough to add a bit of moisture back into wind-parched skin, and its yellow undertones cover the redness around the spots and around my nose really well. Coverage is fantastically build-able: you can choose how high you need to go and for me I apply it with a skunk/stipple/duo-fibre brush. It is quite liquid: one pump is enough for sheer coverage, add a 2nd pump for fuller coverage. It settles into the skin beautifully and it feels super comfortable all day. Deffo my favourite higher-end foundation.

To combat the oiliness I am powdering my t-zone. Before I put on my foundation. Yes. Before. I use my Blank Canvas F14 Round Top Cheek Brush (€13.99) to push YoungBlood Mineral Rice Setting Powder (light €35.00) into my skin and let it sit for a minute or so before I apply my foundation over the top. This works to prevent the oil-slick that is my t-zone from  ruining my makeup. If it is a particularly bad skin day  or if I am going somewhere important I use it to set my foundation as well and make sure its not going anywhere.

I use a clean finger and pat a little of the Youngblood Pressed Individual Mineral Eyeshadow in Halo (€18.50) onto my eyelid and blend it into my socket. It is a nudey-pinky shimmer that opens my tired eyes and make me look a little more alert.

Youngblood Eyeliner Pencil in Blackest Black (€12.00) gets smudged right into my lash line to fake thick lush lashes (and lashings of my new favourite non-youngblood mascara - post coming). This pencil is soft so it doesn't drag at my eyelids, it smudges quite easily immediately. But give it a few minutes to set and its not budging until you use an oil based cleanser. I also really like that this sharpens easily. Some pencils can be incredibly difficult to sharpen: the wood splinters, when you are done you cant get it out of the sharpener and then the actual product is so soft it breaks inside the sharpener. Not with these.

Marsala is the Pantone Colour of 2015. And for me, YoungBlood Lip Pencil (€13.00) in Malt is the embodiment of Marsala. It also helps that it is a lovely browny nude on my lips. I love it so much that I use this to line and fill in my lips, pop a slick of lipbalm over it and thats me done.

1 Blackest Mineral Black Eyeliner
2 Malt Mineral Lip Liner
3 Pebble Liquid Mineral Foundation
4 Light Mineral Rice Setting Powder
5 Halo Mineral Eyeshadow single 

All in all it takes me about 10 minutes to do this in the mornings and afterwards I feel like I at least look vaguely human, even if I may not actually feeling that way.

I use this look most days because its easy (and I am lazy) and I feel like I am doing my skin some good. Kind of. In my head. And my head is important.

All of these Youngblood products are available from the YoundBlood Direct Irl website, or some pharmacies (like my local one in Blackrock: MacQuillans - YAY).

Post contains some PR samples. Opinions are my own though.


  1. Never knew that YoungBlood has great products just like these. I will def gonna check on these. Looking forward to trying first the liner.

  2. Very classy and elegant indeed! Even I have some awesome collection of Top Cosmetic Brands in India at Majorbrands.


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