Thursday, 5 February 2015

Hair stuff: Tigi Bed Head Blow-Out

I have been really lazy with my hair just lately. I generally wash it twice a week, rough dry it with a towel and twist it up into a bun and clip it up out of my way. But I am trying to be better about leaving it down. I Have a load of hair, it is mostly healthy, with a few kinks but when styled properly it looks pretty gorgeous and it is my crowning glory. The important words in the previous sentence are Styled and Properly. Which is where Tigi Bed Head Superstar Blow-Out Shine Cream comes in.

This was recommended to me by the TIGI team when they visited Ireland at the Cloud 10 Beauty  Behind the Scenes event. Packaging looks a bit suspect, but its meant to be fun and I like that its a bit naughty-looking on my dresser. I bought mine from Cloud10Beauty and the 100ml tube cost me €17.95 (I bought a few other bits too as delivery is free if you spend €20 and you get samples) as always delivery was super fast.

Superstar is a "thermal blow dry lotion which takes volume to new heights.  It creates thick, massive hair, protects against styling damage and leaves hair feeling silky and smooth.  Suitable for all hair length and textures it has a beautiful citrus berry fragrance to leave your tresses not only looking good but smelling good too".
I already have thick hair, it really doesn't need to be made bigger, SO I was a little worried, but didn't actually need to be. All it did was sleek-ify my hair, even the frizzy flyaways. And that was without heat.

When I applied heat (used a hair-dryer or my new straighteners) I get drying & styling my hair in half the time, and the sleek results last for the duration of the time between washes (3 - 4 days) without needing to re-straighten my hair. Blow-Out smells divine: like fruity sweets and it makes my hair smell delicious. The cream also contains little golden flecks to enhance shine and catch the light, I am not sure that it had made a big difference to my hair because as long as it is clean it's pretty shiny. But it looks lovely as I spread it between my palms.

So now I wash my hair, rough dry it with a towel, distribute 1 and a half to 2 pumps between my palms and then work it through the lengths of my hair, brush it through and clip it up. Even without heat it does work to keep fly-aways smooth and grounded, as it were. When I let my hair down I have soft "curls" that still look sleek and tidy.

For me its perfect partner is my neeeuuuw Trevor Sorbie Paddle Brush. It is a Giant of a brush, so it is, but it makes short work of any knots or tangles. Despite its size, it is quite light weight and makes blow-drying quite easy as I can do larger sections with this paddle brush than I could with a roundy brush. And the bristles are just bendy enough to give "me wee heed" and lovely massage every morning.

Because its so big, I can't lose it. It won't fall down behind the dresser, or the radiator. And its too big to hide (my daughter is a devil for stealing my brushes). I am really loving it.

I got my brush from and I paid €8.50 for it over Christmas when they had their specials running. I do like a little browse on the site as it has ALL the brands that my local store doesn't have on shelf. And I can get my order delivered either to the store or my door if I like. Which is handy, since my closest Smashbox counter is in Dublin.


  1. Great review must revisit Tigi haven't used them in a few years! And that brush was a steal!

  2. Love the brush! I don't think I've used any Tigi products in ages, they had one range for brunettes that smelled bloody amazing! They have a diamond range that comes up on sale at Cloud Ten every so often, feels lovely and luxurious. Love the sound of that product!

  3. I used Bed Head after Party...It really works for my hairs! I bought it from salonsavings......they provide upto 90% discounts on all hair products.


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