Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Review: The Body Shop Hand Creams

Confession: I've had these mini Hand Creams from The Body Shop for quite a while now... actually I've had them for about a year. I keep meaning to blog about them but then something else bumps them down the list a bit. Which is silly, because these little buggers are actually quite awesome.

As you can see they are mini, but don't let that put you off. The Body Shop Hand Creams pack a proper punch in the "phalangeal moisturisation" department and they smell DIVINE.

They come in 8 yummy "Flavours" and the 30ml tubes cost just €5.95. It sounds like a lot of money for a very little bit of product, but you need a pea sized amount of product to soothe dry hands and elbows and the hydrating effect lasts a good long time, without hands feeling sticky.

I do love that the Honeymania Hand Cream doesn't smell overly sweet, as you would think it would, it smells quite floral to me actually, but its not over-powering at all. Its not massively in your face, but I like that you get a lovely flowery wiff everytime your hands come past your face, so I would tend to use a florally perfume if I am putting this one in my hand bag.

The Moringa Hand Cream is my favourite. It's the scent of mu childhood. This little tube has been sitting next to my chair and it gets used at least 3 times a week, most often after I take my nail polish off because it replaces the moisture that the remover strips away. And cos it smells nice and sinks in quickly.

I finished the Honeymania tube in November 2014, but I still have a few uses left in the
Moringa one, and the tubes are lovely and squishy so you can get every last bit of gorgeousness out of the tube.

Get thee to The Body Shop soonest as they have a massive sale on at the moment, I just wish I lived closer to a store or that you could buy online from the Irish site

** Samples provided for review, opinions my own

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  1. These sound lovely, I'm absolutely RUBBISH at remembering to use hand cream so maybe if I had some pretty ones like these I'd remember!


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