Monday, 12 January 2015

LUSH FUN: Do you wanna build ....

I do love a bit of Lush. And I am not alone in my love... both my son and my daughter share this fondness for the brand. My kids also love playing with their bathbombs (I have to break them in half and give each a half before they get in so that they can fizz them in their hands and various containers) and so it was a natural progression to get them a bit of FUN: the bath equivalent of PlayDoh.

As far as I know, all Lush products are vegan, and just lately Lush are making a move toward Self-Preserving products, negating the need for preservatives, so do have a look at your favourite Lush goody and see if they haven't made a Self-Preserving version! Lush Snowman Fun is a soft, playdoh like texture, that as long as you keep it dry, acts just like playdoh but it smells of their Carrot Soap. And when you break a bit off and add water: BUBBLES!!!

The packaging is bio-degradable, and the label gives a suggestion as to what you can build with it. But don't feel like you HAVE to build the thing. I cut the totally yummy smelling Snowman FUN in half and let the kids go to town.

Hannah made Olaf. And Liam made a pretty respectable Penguin (bear in mind the lad was only 6 when we took the photos, he has since turned 7 and is "way better at it now").

The ingredients are pretty skin friendly, even for my daughter who struggles with eczema and extremely dry skin, so this is great because its something she can use without fear of irritation her sensitive skin.

You get 200g of FUN for €6.95, but you will get great value out of this as the kids have used this for about 7 baths and there is still a little more than a third left. They pinch off about a thumbs worth and play with it a bit as playdoh, then they mush and rub their creations into their face cloths, it all suds up and they wash with the suds. Hannah's hair smells sweet and fresh, but it does still need a little conditioner through the ends as it is quite long. Liamo is ok to use this as a shampoo (without the need for conditioner) as his hair is short.
Just don't get the suds in your eyes: it does sting.

FUN doesn't only come in the Snownan variant, Lush also did a GOLD one for Christmas that you might still be able to pick up, and during the year you can pick up FUN in Pink, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow for your bathtime shenanigans.

I highly recommend FUN as a great Value-for-Money product for the kids (and Adult-kids) as a fun gift and something a little different and exciting for bath time.

**Purchased with my own money. Well actually with my Husband's money, if I'm being honest.

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