Thursday 4 September 2014

New: Pit Protection from Mondss Underarm Wear

Here's something I've never seen before, its a little bit of genuis, if a little odd looking. Mondss Underarm wear are absorbent patches that you stick on your pits to stop sweat stains making their appearance on your clothes in situations where you want to appear cool can composed. Clever. Especially since there have been at least 3 times in the last 2 years that I have been tempted to stick panty-liners to the inside of my shirts to prevent wet marks that I KNOW will appear 10 minutes after I leave the house.

Invented by an Irish Woman who was sick of sweat stains spoiling her clothes, Mondss Underarm Wear is admittedly a little bit odd. It looks like a big plaster, a plaster that you stick on your underarm. And its sticky... so it won't move until you take it off. 

For your €9.99 you get 10 pieces in the box, enough for 5 outings. And instructions that are clear and exact (finally!!) and show you the best way to apply these patches. 

The patches are big enough to cover most of the sweaty-betty pit area, but small enough to be quite discreet actually, and they are really absorbent. Instructions say that you can also put your antiperspirant onto the absorbent side of the patch to help keep odor in check, but you need to apply the patch to clean, dry, deodorant free skin, a couple of hours after shaving. This is so that you don't irritate the skin. 

Mondss patches are made with surgical grade adhesive, so you can use this on sensitive skin. But if you are like me and are one of the few unlucky sods that is allergic to most surgical adhesives (but that doesn't stop surgeons and nurses using it on you after surgery even after you watch them write down that you are allergic to it!), then you need to use caution with these. I am the only one of all my friends and all my acquaintances that has this stupid Plaster-allergy and I am actually ok to use these! Yay!

If you follow the instructions, application is easy enough. It is a little uncomfortable, but then you are wearing a giant plaster in your pits. After 20 minutes though I was ok with them and was able to mostly forget about them, but not completely. I was always aware of them, I could feel them but they worked, I could live with a little discomfort. For special occasions, these would be fab.

If you have a special occasion coming up and you know that the dess/shirt/top may show sweat stains, then give Mondss a go. Its way cheaper and less painful than Botox injections. You can buy your box here:

 **PR Sample Gratefully received, opinions my own.

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  1. Think I'll have to get mysef a box of these for when I'll be delivering my thesis and jobinterviews! It's just the thing I wish I had during similar occasions.


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