Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Review: Tan Organic Self-Tan & Glove

Pharmacy shelves are awash with various self-tan brands that promise gorgeous colour with minimum fuss. Not all these brands deliver. Lets see how Tan Organic Fares:

As the first  (and only) Eco Certified self tan brand, Tan Organic's original Self Tan (€19.99) contains 87% certified organic ingredients and no synthetic ingredients. As it is Aloe Vera based, it moisturises while it colours which is great, as well moisturised skin holds onto tan much longer, so you will get better wear out of an application.

Tan Organic Self-Tan Original 

The Tan Organic Self-Tanning Glove (€7.99) is really Luxurious. It feels like soft velvet and its a real treat to use on your skin. It has a thumb on it too, so the glove doesn't slip off your hand while you are applying tan and because both sides are the same (the inside is lined so tan can't bleed though either side), it doesn't matter if you are a lefty or not, it works for all of us. It applies any kind of tan like a dream and it doesn't absorb product like some gloves/mitts do. I love it even more because it is big enough for my whole hand.

Tan Organic Mitt so you can see the size. 

While Tan Organic claims that the tan develops without any "unpleasant aroma", it does still smell like self-tan after its been on your skin for a few hours. Its not over-powering, but it is still definitely there. I prefer applying my tan at night after a shower so it can develop over night, then I jump into a quick shower in the morning to rinse off the formula and smell.

My pale legs before Tan Organic

The Tan Organic Self Tan liquid smells divine upon application: a gorgeously soft citrus scent that lingers for a little while until the DHA starts to do its work. But generally I am sleeping by that time so I get to enjoy the faint scent of warm summer. And when I wake up (after a quick shower) I get to enjoy my tan.

As with all self tans, you need to prep your skin before hand. A good exfoliation never goes amiss, even if you aren't tanning followed by a thorough moisturising session. Even though Tan Organic Self Tan is a moisturising formula, Hydrated skin always looks healthier. And don't forget to shake the bottle of tan well to ensure the formula is well mixed.

The bottle stopper allows you to get just the right amount of tan out without wasting fluid.

One application leaves a light colour that isn't at all orange. But getting an even application is a little bit tricky and takes a little practice to get it perfect. Tan Organic Self Tan is tinted,  but once you spread it in it is a bit difficult to see exactly where you put it as skin absorbs it quite quickly, so you need to work quickly and methodically to get a good finish. I tend to focus on the big areas first and make sure I blend and buff the liquid into my skin really well, then I used what is left on the glove to go over tricky spots: Toes, ankles, knees, elbows, wrists and fingers, that way I don't get patchy brown toes, knees, elbows etc. For me, this is the best way to get a good even tan.

The tinted fluid before I buff it in

One application leaves skin with a definite tan but it is still light. To get a deeper colour you will need to layer the tan and build it up over a few days. It takes a bit longer, requires a bit of dedication and patience, but you will be rewarded with a deep natural looking tan that will last a good 2 weeks and won't fade in patches. I am well past the days of needing a deep tan though, so one application on a Sunday night is all that I need.

After one application

And I have used this with great success on my face. It wasn't heavy and didn't streak, it just looked like I had spent a few days away in a somewhere sunny. I am prone to hyper-pigmentation though, so I don't like to use self tan on my face very often. But if I did need to tan my face then this would be my choice.

One 100ml bottle contains enough product to do 5-6 full body application tans, but I generally only ever tan my legs, arms, chest and face and I have used this bottle of Tan Organic Self Tan at least 9 times over the last 4 months and I still have a little more than half left.

It is a bit more labour intensive than my favourite tan ( CocoaBrown), but the results are well worth it. If you are after something that is organic, certified by PETA, The Organic Trust, The Ethical Company Organisation AND approved by the Irish Eczema Society then Tan Organic is a great Irish brand that is well worth your money and your time.

You can find Tan Organic products in pharmacys and online at .

PR sample gratefully received, Opinions my own.

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  1. Great review, Cindy. I love the idea of a thumb in the glove! I'm utterly disastrous at applying any kind of self tan, the only one I've bought in years is Cocoa Brown and I'm even crap at that - I do like the idea of a tan liquid though, seems like it would be a little easier to buff. Also - leg envy!!


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