Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A Quick Daytime Eye with W7 London Eyes

I blogged about a few bits that W7 sent to me to play with and I decided to take the time to take a few pictures of my new favourite look using the palette. It's a fairly easy, quick look that is pretty for day time running around and thankfully it doesn't take too long to do.

I used all budget cosmetics to do my face for this look as I thought it would be nice to show that things I have been reaching for over the last 2 months or so.

To start I applied my trusty Garnier BB cream for Oily skins using my fingers and blended it into my skin, taking it over my eyelids to even out a bit of redness and to help the shadow stick.

The I used this shade in a flat stumpy brush, all over my lids, from lash line to brow bone to take the redness right down and create an even base for my colour.

Using the same brush I used this coppery colour in the crease and patted it into the lash line and very lightly on my lower lash line. I did need to go over the colour to build it up a bit but I tried to keep the colour in the crease and against the lashes working it together in a V at the outer edge of my eye

On a clean fluffier brush I picked up a bit of this matte cream shade and applied it into the inner corner and out to the center of my eyes and used what was left on the brush to blend out the harsher lines of the coppery colour

Taking  a little of the black (it is incredibly black, and not at all chalky) on a pencil brush I lined against my lashes and took it out in a soft flick.

Using the fluffy brush I used earlier I smudged the black out a little to soften it. All that took me about 6 minutes, including the time it took me to stop and take pics.

To finish, I buffed on another layer of the Garnier BB using my Real Technics Expert Face Brush (not pictured) to provide a bit more cover, applied a little Wet 'n Wild powder Blush in Pearlscent Pink, filled in my brows with Catrice Starlight Espresso and lashed on my new favourite Mascara from a South African Brand called Justine.

 I smudged a little of Rimmels new Colour Rush Balm in Keep Mauving onto my lips and that was it. Quick and simple, but I think it looks polished and fairly natural.

 And then I shook out my hair and went off to meet the ever glamorous Katie Healy for a cuppa and a catch up in our local tea room.

 Not bad for products that don't cost more than €8 each...


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