Monday, 14 April 2014

Precious Polishes: Black Magic Love

Fellow Beauty Blogger, Super Mom and all round lovely person Anita James (Anita's Beauty Spot) recently added entrepreneur to her repertoire when she launched her own Nail Varnish line called Precious Polishes.

Image credit: Precious Polishes

All of the polishes are 5 Free-( DPB FREE, Formaldehyde FREE, Formaldehyde Resin FREE, Toluene FREE and Camphor FREE), All glitters used are solvent resistant so they won't bleed into your polish, and All polishes are made to order and have a shelf life of 12+ months.

Image credit: Precious Polishes

Anita will also make up a polish to your own specifications, which I think would be a lovely idea for bridesmaids or a birthday gift for a special friend.

When Anita posted a picture of this gorgeous polish, I knew I HAD to have it.

Precious Polishes Black Magic is a load of black glitter (in different sizes) and a smattering of holographic glitter in a clear polish. And it is bloody gorgeous!

No Flash. And its soooo Purdy!

It needs a tiny bit of work to get the glitter placed evenly on the nail, but its not as difficult as some other glitters (essence and catrice), and the base coat dries fairly quickly.

Two coats of Black Magic over Catrice

There are two great things about this polish apart from the fact that is is bleeding amazing.

1) The clear polish is pretty hard wearing and is very protective on the nail. It doesnt wear at the tip of the nail as most clear coats tend to do and it prolonged my polish (a cheap catrice one) to the point that I was pretty much sick of the base colour after 8 days. Not a chip in sight.

Black Magic with Flash!

2) It came off my nails as easily as ordinary polish! No soaking, no rubbing and no scratching!

I am very, very keen to try another polish from Anita's colour range, especially her new Summer Lovin collection. Precious Polishes retail at €8 a bottle and are well worth the extra euros!

Image credit: Precious Polishes

You can reach Anita over on Twitter or on her blog or you can order off her website !

*I purchased this product with my own money and my reviews are unbiased. This is just a very pretty polish!


  1. Anita is doing so well, fab to see!

  2. I love that Catrice polish! What's the name of it?

  3. Love Black Magic! Have it on my nails today too in a very similar mani! xXx

  4. Beautiful polish, you can't go wrong with black and glitter x


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