Monday, 19 August 2013

Marissa Carter and the little Pink Can of Tan

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan has taken Ireland by storm. Having launched in 2012, the brand is now also stocked in the UK and if you follow the beauty news you will know that she is in talks to capture the American market as well. Its not luck that got this teeny beauty this far... its good hard graft that has prevailed in this story.

Beyonce Schmee-yonce. There is a new Mrs Carter on the block and I would love to know where she gets her energy. I had the privilege of meeting Marissa at the Xmas Beauty Bloggers Meet Up last year and her passion for her product made me sit up and take notice. 

Why its taken me so long to blog about a product that I have raved about to friends and bought for family is beyond me. I am using Cocoa Brown 1 hour Tan every 2nd week to keep a little glow about my skin. I think because the bloggo-sphere is saturated with praise for this little pink can, I held off. But I can't anymore... especially because the reviews are not dying out. 

Marissa has created a little gem in her 1 Hour Tan. Then she pulled the New-ish Night & Day Tan (which I haven't tried yet... I don't go out at night) out of her sleeve. And to keep us captivated she conjured up the Tough Stuff tan remover. All this in less than a year. Oh and she is a devoted mom, wife, business owner and all round lovely person. She is pretty stinking awesome. Except that she doesn't stink.. not in real life.

But on to the tan. Marissa has a whole page dedicated to tanning tips, and I follow most of them. I exfoliate, shave and moisturise the night before. And before tanning I slap a bit of cream onto my feet, knees, elbows & hands. But I am lazy as... as lazy as something very lazy.

It comes out of a can as a light mousse that melts onto the skin. It is tinted so that you can see where it is going. I always use a mitt to apply it and that blob of mousse does one whole leg up to mid-thigh, which is where I stop. I only tan my legs (to mid thigh) my arms and then up to my neck and down to my bra-line. So yes... I have a Lilly-white torso. I don't care and neither does the husband.

After an hour you can wash this off and be left with a beautiful soft glow. 2 hours gives a more tanned look to the skin and 3 hours will give a good tanned colour... and all this time you smell like Tihitian Gardenias.

But I am lazy. I put it on at 8pm in the evening and it is well dry by the time my bed time comes around at 10pm. In those hours, the DHA develops and leaves me smelling a bit suspect. But its nothing that a morning shower cant sort. I have also not had a problem with stained/smelly sheets while using this... And before you ask: I change my sheets/bedding weekly cos I am a clean freak.

And I am left with the most beautiful colour on my skin. Nothing Tango-Mango about it. As long as I have done a half decent job, I have no streaks and no bad dark spots. Its that easy. 

As I said, I use this every second week to keep the milk-bottle-blues away and just keep a bit of colour about my limbs. On me, it fades really naturally and doesn't look patchy. I am lazy with moisturising and exfoliating and I think that is why it lasts like it does on me.

If you walk into any Penneys store or Chemist/pharmacy in Ireland you can't miss these pink cans begging to be added to your shopping basket, and displayed lovingly on your dressing table. Retailing at under €9 for a can, it'd be rude not to just give it a try, considering my current can has done my arms and legs about 8 times already and there is still quite a bit left in the can... its worth it!


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