Wednesday, 21 August 2013

An Alternative use for Pixy Soap Bars...

Pixy is a brand I haven't got a lot of experience with. It is all Irish, using natural ingredients and they have been getting some great reviews, and while I have a small Pixy stand in my local pharmacy, I haven't had the chance to actually buy something.

I received a gift set of their solid soaps, I am not a big fan of solid soap in the bath or shower as they tend to leave soap-marks on the glass and they always seem a bit soggy after having used them for a week. But I had a completely different use for these...

I use these to clean my make up brushes and my micro-fibre face cloths. Yep good old soap and warm water is doing a better job than baby shampoo.

It completely removes mascara & foundation stains from my face cloths and removes all traces of eyeshadow, eyeliner & foundation from my brushes. 

So I am using the Mango Bliss Solid soap bar at the moment, it is a 100g bar of mango sweetness and retails at €3.99 for a bar. My brushes and face cloths smell awesome after I clean them. I wet the bristles and swirl them on the soap, swish the bristles on my hand and between my fingers to work up a lather and then rinse them well under warm running water. With the cloths I rub a little soap onto them and really work the soap into the cloth, also working up a really good lather, concentrating on any stains. Rinse well under warm water and leave to dry over my radiator.

Because of the nature of the soap and all of its ingredients, it rinses clean with no residue left behind on brush bristles. And the micro-fibres on the cloths don't clump together and get ruined because there is no fabric softener, but the cloths are still super soft.

While I won't be using these on my body (I tried it, my skin felt a bit dry and tight after using it), I like these for cleaning my make-up tools and my micro fibre cloths. 

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