Friday, 21 June 2013

L'Oreal Elnet Heat Protect Spray Straight 3 Days

Another Holy Grail Product for me and this time its do do with my Hair. L'Oreal Elnett Heat Protect Spray is a godsend for my hair.

Lets get the boring stuff out the way: 170ml spray bottle costs €7.99 at and they are currently on offer (buy one get one half price).

The fine spray coats each hair strand, but you need to be careful not to spray too much, as it has the tendency to weigh hair down and make it sticky. So watch for that.

My hair is long and thick and has kinks in it and only my hairdresser can get them out properly. I hardly ever use my straighteners (or my hairdryer for that matter), preferring to let my hair dry naturally. But when I do style my hair, I wash then towel dry, blast it with the hairdryer until it is 95 % dry, comb it through and then use the straighteners. Just the straightening process takes just under an hour. The results are good for the first hour or so and then the kink and the frizzies kick in. I have to use a finishing oil (like this hask one) which works great at smoothing them, but it does nada for the kink.

When I add the L'Oreal Elnett Heat Protecting Straight 3 Days spray into my routine, the difference is amazing. So I wash and towel dry my hair, spritz 5 - 6 sprays through the lengths and ends of my hair, roughly dry with the hair dryer and then finish of with the straighteners. This time it takes me about 20 minutes. For EVERYTHING!

AND AND AND.... This L'Oreal Elnett Heat Protecting Straight 3 Days spray totally takes care of the kink. Not a kink or a bend in sight.For All three days!!! And And And And... frizzies are gone, my hair doesn't feel greasy and I recon it looks much healthier too as the heat protector stuff in the spray is doing what it is supposed to do, Protect my hair. And its saving me time too cos I don't have to straighten my hair every 2nd or 3rd day, I can get 3 days wearing my hair straight and loose, then the 4th day I comb it up into a pony and it looks sleek and totally high maintenance. 5th day I wash it or heap the whole lot into a messy bun for washing later in the day.

Is this worth the €8? Yes.
Does it work? Yes. Yes it does.
Would I recommend this? Hell Yeah.
If you want sleek straight hair with minimal fuss this is the product for you.


  1. This sounds way better than the Frizz Ease one I've tried. Must look into it. Great post :)

  2. It sounds really good Cindy, thanks for the brilliant review, definitely another thing to add to the ever-growing boots cart! x

  3. Must give this a go myself, great review misses!! I have a mad case of the curly bops at the moment, so annoying!


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