Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Are you a Frillseeker? I am a Frillseeker

She's Baaaaaaa-aaaaaack...... She, of the Coolest, Quirkiest Statement pieces is back.  Kirstie (not Alley) McDermott has launched her lovely new website most appropriately called: Frillseeker.

"Devoted to accessories and life’s fun frills..." Frillseeker is packed with content to titivate the most discerning tastes. From statement earrings to statement throw pillows, there is something for everybody here.

I have already lost the majority of 2 nights prowling through all of Kirstie's picks and her wit and manner of writing is welcoming and she makes it feel like she is sitting right in front of you sipping a mocha-choca-frappo-latto-something. I like it.

Go and have a wee peek at it, even if it is just for the statement stuff.

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