Friday, 22 February 2013

A very late post: Ted Baker Gift

Yes yes. Christmas was 2 months ago. I know I know. But I am getting loads of use out of the Ted Baker gift set that was on sale in Boots over December 2012.

Ted Baker Ballerina Gift Box

I got mine as a gift from one of my sisters-in-law, and I an surprised at how good this set actually is!

Ted Baker Gift set contents

The box is beautiful, as is usual from the house of Ted Baker. And it is a very beautiful addition to my dresser. It fits in with my current colour scheme and is wonderfully roomy, holding all manner of beauty bits and bobs that I want close to hand. Everything that came in the box fits easily into the top storage area, leaving the bottom empty...

I haven't been using everything, but a few things have really been getting good use:

This beauty is a bronzer. But, it isn't as shimmery as many bronzers tend to be. It is doing duty as a contour for me, it is a lovely colour to emphasize my cheekbones

Ted Baker's take on the now iconic "Chubby Stick" is lovely. None of the minty taste, it tastes like lipstick, but these are wonderfully moisturising and feel like balm on my lips. Their colour is opaque and lasts for a good 3 hours. The only thing is they wear unevenly....

These Shadows are my 2nd favourite thing that came in the box... Even though they are Frost Central. Even though if you use the applicator that came with them it's Fall-Out Central. The colours are beautiful and shimmery and buttery and pretty. And I love them. I use an ELF shadow brush to lift the product off the applicator and blend it on my eyelid... I particularly love the grey shade.

My MOST favourite thing in the box is going to get a post all on its own....

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