Monday, 25 February 2013

The BEST thing about the Ted Baker Gift set...

In my last post (here) I raved about the Ted baker gift set and how much I liked it. And I alluded to the best little thing in the box...

my secret love is a secret no more... Ted Baker Eyepencil - I love you!

And it is this little beauty.... The eyeliner pencil. Softer than soft, blacker than black, and smudges like a "beotch".

Ted Baker Beauty

I am completely smitten. There is no dragging or pulling with this baby, but this is NOT the pencil for a sharp clean line. The nib is too soft for a clean line...

beautiful black and silver butteryness

Ted bakers pencil is for a soft, smudgy  smoky  lived in eye. And the silver glitter particles in it are fine, not gritty and do not irritate my eyes, even when I have used this gem on my waterline.

my heart... my lovely smudged heart...

And would you just look how beautifully it does smudge! Grungy  slept-in make-up look, without having to actually sleep in your make-up. This beauty smudges like an absolute dream. I used my finger here on the back of my hand, but on my eyes I use my trusty ELF eyeshadow brush to blend this out.

the glitter is my 2nd favourite thing about this pencil

This pencil is my favourite piece out of auld Ted's box of tricks, and I really hope he makes this again...


  1. That looks so pretty! A slept in grungy looking eye is my idea of beauty heaven xo

  2. That is really stunning! I've been obsessed with winged eyeliner recenlty, but I still love smudging kohl!

    Chloe - Very Lovely Stuff

    1. I love winged eyeliner too Chloe, but I find its a bit faffy to get right in a hurry on a work morning!


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