Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Garnier BB Creams : Are they really Miracle Skin Perfectors?

It took me a long, long, long time to even consider getting on the whole BB Cream bandwagon. But I have to say that I am happy enough to hop on said bandwagon after taking the plunge and trying the Garnier BB Cream for Oily/Combination skin.

Garnier BB Cream For Oily Combo Skins in Light... Colour me impressed

I debated about getting the light or medium colour, but I am glad I went with light as it is a fetter fit.

A bit liquidy, but spreads like a dream and dries to a lovely finish

A 40ml tube retails at about €13 - €14 in Boots, but it is regularly on special, and I paid €9.99 for mine. It is to be packed with all kinds of skin friendly ingredients and contains an SPF and is supposed to be a better option to a tinted moisturiser, but I like to moisturise in the morning when I get up so this is just extra skin care for me.

Blends easily and blurs pores, even on my hand

I am actually super impressed with Garnier's BB Cream. The coverage is sheer, but it does seem to blur over imperfections and spots. It has definitely helped to even out my pigmentation a bit (as evidenced by the pic below). I still need to use a bit of concealer under my eyes and around my nose, but very lightly. And I have to say I am happy enough to skip concealer most days anyway and I have worn this on a night out with great success.

Before with only moisturiser.... and after with just the BB Cream. EEK, No other makeup!

Garnier's oily/combo BB cream has deffo helped keep oil and shine at bay on the days that I do use it, and that has been everyday for the last 3 weeks or so. Although I do find that it feels like it is drying the skin on my cheeks out a little and on the days that I do wear it I have to go with a richer night cream. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing with this cold spell we have been having.

So I am thinking that I may try out the original version, but I am scared it is going to be shiny  but I suppose it is nothing a bit of powder can't cure.
A miracle? Close...
Skin Perfector? ... nearly...

First though, I am totally going to finish this tube cos its awesome and I can't believe I waited so long!


  1. It looks lovely and natural on you, I like it!

    1. Thanks Lady! Have you tried any of the BB's on the market?

  2. It looks lovely on you :) I've got the original version and I do find it a little bit oily, but as you said - nothing a bit of powder wouldn't sort! :) I've tried the DR Jart one (came in my Glossybox) and I really like it although the colour is slightly too dark for my skin :(

  3. I think it was the original I tried and it just slid off my face in a few hours, way too oily so I don't like any of them since. Your skin is so clear, gorgeous x

  4. The original one kinda put me off the, then I tried another one (possibly Boots 17) and it was too runny. This looks really nice & natural!


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