Friday, 18 January 2013

Human+Kind's latest offering: Wash off Facial Cleanser

I have cut back on the products I use on a daily basis in an effort to get my skin happy and mostly normal again but when this super pretty box from Human+Kind popped through the letterbox I couldn't  just ignore it...

Pretty tube that would look great on the bathroom shelf

Human+Kind's Wash Off Facial Cleanser (RRP €14.95 for 100ml pretty squeezy tube AND a super soft cloth) is a lovely creamy cleanser that smells a bit like lemsip to me (its lemony and a bit menthol-ey at the same time), I don't mind the smell of lemsip (I can't stand the taste though) so it doesn't bother me.

100mls tube will last a good while cos you only need a wee bit

Instructions say to wet your face, apply the cream to your skin avoiding the eye area and then massage the cream into your skin using the cloth and then to rinse thoroughly.

I should have followed the instructions.

I wet my face, worked the cleanser into my face, included my eyes and got the red watery stingy eyeballs for my troubles. To be fair, I didn't actually read the instructions before I used it. I just lashed it on and subsequently learnt my lesson. Thankfully I was in the shower so I had plenty running water to rinse with.

So, use an eye make-up remover to remove eye make-up before using this cleanser.

And it has a flip top! no more fumbling with silly screwy lids

Otherwise this is a lovely creamy cleanser that takes off all foundation/blush/daily grime with ease without stripping the skin. The cocoa butter supports hydration and skin suppleness, aloe vera improves skin tone and injects even more moisture and Centella Asiatica Extract boosts circulation, improves collagen and fights oxidation. All great things in a cleanser. Also you only need a teeny amount (2 - 3 pea sized blobs) so this tube will last a good while!

creamy and melty... perfect to dissolve makeup

 It tingles a little while I am working it into my skin, and it feels like its working, my skin is soft and smooth and clean without feeling stripped. bonus.

I really think the stand out "ingredient" in this cleanser is the cloth that comes with it. The cleanser wouldn't to the same job without the cloth. It is a super-soft almost micro-fibre cloth that grabs onto dead skin and grime and lifts it gently off the skins surface, leaving behind lovely soft skin. It is gorgeous and my favourite part of the evening (apart from actually getting into bed).

Super hand sized tube and the cloth it comes with is a GEM!

I think that this would suit most skin types, but I think that skins sensitive to essential oils/ fragrances might not get on so well with this.

After using this for almost 2 weeks I can safely say I like this and will probably get another tube when I run out. My skin is feeling pretty good after using this and it gets my vote.

**PR Sample Gratefully Received 

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