Monday, 7 January 2013

Favourite Festive Nails... belatedly...

The decorations are packed away, the last of the pine needles are in the bin. So I understand that this post is very very very late, but this was my favourite nail art that I did in December 2012.

I loved this and got a good few compliments on it, even though it was a relatively simple thing to do. 

I used striping tape (bought online from THIS seller), some manicure guides from Essence (€1.49 I think), NYC 002 Full Metal Jacket, NYC 205 Boundless Berry and Sally Hansen Insta-dry.

I already had 2 coats of Full Metal Jacket on my nails so I just touched up the tips and got to work.

Right, so ring ringers first:

I cut 4 pieces of striping tape and laid them on my nails in a gift-wrap pattern (two lines close to each other lenthways on the nail and then 2 lines close to each other over the tip of the nail). 
I used quite a thick coat of NYC Boundless Berry to cover the entire nail and while the polish was still wet I used a pair of tweezers to pull the striping tape off... starting with the tape laid on last... and going very very carefully. So: last tape on, first tape off. 

This left me with a pretty pattern that looked quite elegant.

Then I placed the Essence manicure tip guides over the tips of my nails and painted what was left in the Boundless Berry. And carefully tried to pull the tip guides off. I wasn't was successful, But its a few small flaws that as a quick glance you don't see. 

I finished everything off with a coat of my Favourite Sally Hansen Insta-dry. 

Viola. Not Vóila. Viola. It is done.

 Ps: Happy New Year!


  1. Very nice I'm rubbish with any type of nail art!

  2. They look like beautifully wrapped gifts! Fab! x

  3. Ohh I love the colours in this! I keep meaning to pick up some striping tape, then forgetting.. But I've clicked onto your link now to investigate! x

    1. get some! There are some really interesting mani's you can use it for!


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