Monday, 24 December 2012

You are not alone....

Yay!!! It's Christmas!!! Be Merry, Be Happy... be manic... or not.

I struggled through last Christmas. I put a happy face on and faked my way through. I felt crap, and weighed down and alone in my frustration. I shouldn't be feeling that way. I suffered through the onset of my mild depression on my own. I didn't have to. And if you are feeling like everything is on top of you, you don't have to feel alone either.

There are people out there that you can talk to if it feels like everything is too much. Please make the call. Reach out to somebody who will listen, who has probably been in your shoes, and knows how to help you. Don't suffer on your own.

I struggled to write this post. My Cyber Pal, Kellie, says it way better than I do, you can check out her post here: You Are Not Alone This Christmas.

She has the list of people to contact for The UK and Northern Ireland.

If, like me, you are in The Republic, these are the people you can contact:

Samaritans in Ireland
1850 60 90 90

National Office of Suicide Prevention

National Suicide Research Foundation

Irish Association of Suicidology

Console - Supporting and helping people bereaved by suicide.

Headstrong - National Youth Mental Health Centre

Aware - Helping Defeat Depression

Pieta House - Centre for the Prevention of Self Harm and Suicide

Spun Out - National Youth Website

Mental Health Ireland

Headline - National Media Monitoring Programme for Mental Health and Suicide

PIPS - Public Initiative for the Prevention of Suicide

Niamh Louise Foundation - Suicide awareness and information on prevention and sources of help in Co.Tyrone and Co.Armagh

West Belfast Suicide Awareness & Support Group
Office: 028 902 39967

Merry Christmas Readers, Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great idea! So important to share! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! x


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