Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sweetly Scented Strawberry Scrub from Avon

I picked up this gorgeous pink tube from my Avon Lady a few months ago and it languished in the top of my cupboard until last week. Then the weather turned Arctic, the heating got dusted off and turned on and the skin on my legs developed more scales than a snake. It is Avon's Naturals Strawberry Moisturising Body Scrub.

The 200ml flip top tube is Pink. The actual scrub is white. It smells utterly gorgeous. And it is the business for my snake legs. Its gentle and soft on my poor dried out skin, but it it scrubby enough to slough off flakes and leave behind soft silky moisturised skin.

I am using it to shave with as well: give skin a good scrubbing, shave, rinse. It doesn't clog the razor, skin is scrubbed and exfoliated and softly moisturised.

But the best thing about this pretty scrub: the smell. I really wish smell-o-vision had been invented, because I guarantee that you would leave this screen open so that this sweet strawberry scent could fragrance your room. As it is, you step out of the shower smelling positively edible.

This does come in another variant, but I only got the strawberry one. As its an Avon product, I got it on sale for about €1.25, and I wish I had bought a few more. I would keep a look out for this and get a few more as they would make great stocking fillers / emergency gifts.

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