Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My Wild Africa...

My household is fan of Body Butters, and this little FairTrade gem from Wild is no different. Containing Shea and Marula oil is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, lightly fragranced with Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Patchouli which help to calm, balance and soothe the skin. And its lovely.

My little family seems to be a normal to dry skinned one, as far as our bodies go, and I am always looking for something to suit all of us, Wild's Romantic Body Butter really went down a treat.

I was sent two sample pots of this beautifully fragranced butter and it didn't last long, even though a little goes a long way, it was an absolute pleasure to use. And I used it on everything. It smells divine, sinks in quickly and leaves skin wonderfully soft, smooth, moisturised and delicately fragranced. Yum.

My upper arms that get rough and dry some times were soothed and moisturised instantly and stayed that way for the most part of a week. I had a little dry flaky patch just at the base of my nostril from a cold, I applied a teensy little bit one night while in front of the tv and the next morning it wasn't flaky anymore. I applied a little more the following night and the morning after the flaky patch was gone.

Hannah's eczema fared pretty well with it as well. As long as we didn't use it on any broken patches (where she had scratched). She said it stopped the itches, and she was thrilled too, because now she  "finally smells like flowers". We have never been able to use perfumed products on her because the fragrance is one of the things that is highly irritating to her skin. But this was ok with her and didn't irritate her sensitive skin. She did complain it stung a little on any broken skin, but she was really delighted to smell nice for a change.

The beautiful 170ml tubs cost either £16.75 of £15.50, depending on which variant you choose: Warm, Romantic, Zingy, Extra Hydrating or Sensitive. And you can choose a soap to match for £6.95 or £6.25. And if you buy both together they come packaged in a beautiful bag.

So if you want to bring a bit of Wild, Colourful Africa into your home, go to www.mywild.co.uk and see what takes your fancy...

*PR Samples gratefully received

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