Monday, 3 September 2012

Mani(c) Monday: new essence polishes...

By some small stroke of luck, my village happened to get the new essence polishes (in their swanky new bottles!!) fairly quickly after the release date, and I was thrilled to watch the colours being unpacked and be the first to purchase these gorgeous new colours. I love them!

Summers end: Essence Colour & Go 131 Ballerina's charm + 140 Go Bold!

The formulation is fantastic and 2 coats over a base of OPI's Nail Envy lasted me longer than a week with just a little tip wear. And that was only noticeable with the darker colours. With the darker colours, you could easily get one coat coverage if you go with a thicker coat.

soft and pretty

To end off the summer, I chose two gorgeous colours: 131 Ballerina's Charm and 140 Go Bold.

with an Avon ring I got when it was on sale

131 Ballerina's Charm is a gorgeous soft lilac with a teensy bit of silver shimmer. I love this on my nails, soft, muted and sophisticated.

Essence Colour & Go 131 ballerina's charm

140 Go Bold is a cool toned metallic gold. It is really easy to work with, not streaky and doesn't drag. 

Essence Colour & Go 140 go bold!

I think these two colours work really really well together, they are both beautiful muted grown up colours.

the colours make my fingers look much longer

The new bottle contains 8mls of polish as opposed to just 5mls, and the new brush is full, rounded and lays down polish evenly. They are also priced a little differently at €1.79 per bottle. But this is still a full €1 less than Catrice Nail Polishes. Still exceedingly good value. And loads of new colours.

 Find the new colours on Irish essence stands is Pharmacies, Dunnes and Penneys stores...

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