Thursday, 9 August 2012

Limited Edition: Catrice Coolibri

Catrice bring out Limited Edition (LE) products on a regular basis and the latest one, on stands right now, is a cracker. Bright Colours, perfect if you are away on a sun-holiday, or if you are looking to chase away grey skies and bring a bit of colourful fun to your make-up.

The stand out piece for me though, is the eye-shadow pen available in 4 colours (C01 Precious Nectar, C02 Birds Flying High, C03 Virgin Forest and C04 Exotica) costing just €3.99 each. 

I picked up C01 Precious Nectar first, along with one of Catrice's eyeliner pens, and I was so blown away I went back and bought C02 Birds Flying High. 

good sized pens that fit nicely in your hand and make-up bag

Oh my soul, these are so soft and so highly pigmented and just so beautiful to use. It is quite a fat little "crayon" of colour in a twisty-up pen, so if you want a skinny line of colour you will need to use a linerbrush to get a skinny line. 

Catrice Coolibri Eye-shadow pens C01 Precious Nectar & C02 Birds flying high

But I didn't bother.... I just drew a thick line as close to my lashes as possible and then lashed on some Black mascara. C02 is a gorgeous peacock blue. Iridescent, turquoisey,bluey beautifulness. 

Thick line of C02 Birds Flying High

And the staying power is really something else: the swatch on the back of my had lasted through a gardening session, 2 loads of dishes and 3 loads of washing (sorting, washing, hanging, folding) and various other chores and multiple handwashes during the day. It lasted through my shower, where I washed my hair and scrubbed my body, and it was still there, albeit faintly when I was drying off and putting cream on. I came off when I used a bit of micellar water on a cotton pad and scrubbed it. It lasted 10hrs. 10 HOURS!!!! Its safe to say that C02 is waterproof. And sand-proof. Its awesome.

C01 Precious Nectar is GOLD. Metallic GOLD. 

Catrice Coolibri C01 Precious Nectar 

Its is sparkely and metallic and soooooo pretty and soft. You need to be careful with this though, as it can go a bit patchy, especially if you layer it. And it tends to flake off quite a bit, it doesn't have the longevity that C02 has, but its still such a pretty shade.

I paired it with one of Catrice's eyeliners: And it looks pretty good, but you can just see the patchiness... 

C01 Precious Nectar all over the lid, You can just see the patchiness in the lower right pic

So now I will be going back to get C03 Virgin Forest and Back ups of the other two. I don't have the colouring to pull off the coral looking shade.

These really are perfect for lazy days when you just want to slick a colour over your lids and not worry about faffing too much. But I think you could really create some lovely looks with these too if you had the time to blend then out nicely. I will be playing with them a bit more. 


  1. These look great! The gold is gorgeous, definitely going to be heading to my nearest Catrice stand:)

  2. You look fab! I like the gold too, I was in such a hurry when I saw the stand, just grabbed the blue & green nail polishes. Love that all the blue things in the LE are called 'Birds Flying High', but I've had Muse's version of 'Feelin Good' stuck in my head since I saw them! x

  3. I love these, How have I never heard of Catrice!


  4. I wish I could pull off the blue eyeliner look it looks so cool. But alas I would look like Id been playing with crayons all day. Good post :)


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