Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I've never been to NYC...

And on my South African passport, this is probably as close as I'll get....

I love lipstains. They don't need a whole lot of topping up during the day, they don't really bleed or feather, the colour stays strong for more than 30 minutes, and you can pick up pretty colours for a reasonable price.

NYC: (new to me) SmoochProof Lipstains

NYC cosmetics are new to me so I was thrilled to receive these 4 (and two KissGlosses) in the post a few weeks ago, and I have been testing them thoroughly....

So... NYC Smoochproof Lipstain 16hr costs €3.99, and as soon as I find my nearest stand I will be stocking up on my favourite colour, because these are fantastic.

Names and swatches

A waterbased stain contained in a felt-tipped pen applicator, available in 6 colours, this is easy to use and chuck in your bag. The felt tip is fine and sturdy so you get a nice outline and then you can use the body of the tip to colour in the lines :) It is so easy a 7yr old can do it. How do I know this? My 7yr old did my lips in this pic. It really is that easy.

My 7yr old did my lips for me. And yes, my lips are that uneven in real life...

Staying power isn't quite the claimed 16hrs, some of the colours seem to wear better than others, with the best coming it at 6hrs, which is pretty impressive. I think stains are notoriously drying, but this offering from NYC isn't too bad actually, and the colour looks really good under a slick of lip balm. The only thing is that your lips need to be in good condition to wear these as the colour does tend to stick to flakey patches.

On to the colours I have:

503 Unstoppable Red isn't really red. I would say its a really hot, seriously neon pink. 503 had the bes longevity, surviving Breakie, multiple cups of tea, and lunch before I had to re apply, and even then it was only toughing up the inside of my lips. Love it.

longest wear: 503 Unstoppable Red

490 Persistant Pink is such a pretty colour, a subtle barely-there pink, perfect for girl next door looks, wear time on this was a good 3 hrs, and you can see the wear in the bottom pic. Not bad and one of my faves.

490 Persistent Pink: the prettiest pink there is...

504 Orange On The Go is a bit of a heart-attack inducing shade if you go by the packaging, but this lovely tangerine colour is actually surprising easy to wear. It does give a lovely pop of colour, but you will want to be bringing it with you to top up as it wore off after about an hour on me, and I wasn't even having a hungry day...

504 Orange On The Go: lovely colour, terrible longevity

My favourite shade and the one I want to stock up on is 498 Berry Long Time. A good berry colour, with ok longevity, going for about 4hrs before it needed touching up. It wears prettily and evenly and Its going to be my go to colour for Autumn/Winter. I don't care what the trends say, this is going to be my winter colour.

489 Berry Long Time: My Colour for Cold weather. I must have a back-up

So now I am now on the hunt for my closest local stand, so that I can try the rest of their budget busting range!

PR Sample gratefully received 


  1. Bahahaha, 'It is so easy a 7yr old can do it. How do I know this? My 7yr old did my lips in this pic'. Love it! :)

    I adore these, Forever Freesia (a purpley/pink) is my fave. They all look great on you, especially Berry Long Time.

    And sure, you can't go too far wrong for the price!

  2. I also love lipstains and have ALL of these lol! They're so fab aren't they!


  3. I really do want to try these! everyone is raving about them at the moment :)


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