Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Summer Metallics....

Inspired by the Lovely Karen from Lovely Girlie Bits, I ran from my little blogging spot (where I sit an blog) and dived into my stash of make-up (sigh, its nots as big as I'd like to think it is) to find something that got loads of wear, but then got lost and forgotten at the bottom of the drawer...

These babies: Catrice Made to Stay Longlasting Eyeshadows (€4.99 per pot)

I have three of the 6 colours available : 030 Star Was Here (which has been discontinued but is still available on some stands) 040 Lord of the Blings and 050 Metall of Honour. 

And for a 5er, they are fantastic. These are proper good metallic creme shadows. And thanks to Karen, I was reminded of my love for them...

 Top left: 030 Star Was Here, Top Right: 040 Lord of the Blings Bottom: 050 Metall of Honour.

The pot is a bit fiddly to get the product out of, especially with my Jigantor hands, but I have found that if you use a que-tip/cotton bud that problem becomes.... not so problematic.

Star Was Here is a greyish blackish blue colour in the pot, but leans a bit more blue when swatched. I also call it Blue Steel, if Zoolanders look had a colour, it would be such.  Lord of the Blings is a champaigney gold colour and my FAVE of the bunch, and Metall of Honour is a lovely vintage bronze, nice...

l - r:  030 Star Was Here  040 Lord of the Blings and 050 Metall of Honour.

Just look at that proper metallic loveliness... you can use sparingly and blend for a light wash of colour, or you can lash it on and get the full metallic effect, with very little effort. I love 'em

l - r:  030 Star Was Here  040 Lord of the Blings and 050 Metall of Honour. 

 These take a bit of practice to get the hang of, you need to work quickly because as soon as its dry and these dry nice and quickly, they are pretty much unbudge-able. Even for a notorious eye-rubber, these go the distance of 8 - 10 hrs without creasing or fading of slipping off, and I haven't even used a primer with these creamy pots of colour because the pigmentation if phenomenal.

l - r:  030 Star Was Here  040 Lord of the Blings and 050 Metall of Honour. 

I did try to blend the colours out a bit in the pic below, but I had faffed a bit too long taking photos and the cream had dried, so I ended up with a bit of a mess, so work quickly and you will be grand.

So 030 has been discontinued, but the range has been filled with new shades 080 Copper Cobanna and 070 Mauvie Star and you can see them over on Catrice's website or on your nearest Catrice stand...


  1. Thanks for the shout out missus, I think I've one or two of these babies somewhere myself, must search through my ridiculously huge stash ;)

  2. I love these shadows and you've reminded me to use them more.

  3. I forgot that i even had these eyeshadows! now to go find them and use them because they are lovely :)


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