Thursday, 12 July 2012

Cocoa Butter Body

Its cheap, its cheerful and its doing lovely stuff for my skin on my body. Ziaja isn't new to Irish shores, its been knocking around since about 2009 and is available in various pharmacies and online from . 

I have had 3 bottles since the post-Christmas sales( I paid €7.50 for a hamper with the shower gel, body lotion, hand cream and a tub of cream) , and I hauled it out of the back of the cupboard and put it to use when my skin was feeling all tight and dry and itchy.

First... Flip tops RULE! I love flip tops. They don't scuttle out of your hand and roll of into the unplumbed depths under my dresser or worse: my bed. They click closed nicely and they keep product from blocking up the little hole.

The Cocoa Butter Shower Soap is a generous 500ml size, smells DEEEVINE, foams a treat, and cleanses gently. All the things a good shower gel should do. The gorgeous chocolatey scent lingers for a while after showering and you can use complimentary products to layer the scent and make it last even longer. I like that its not drying. I really like how it smells. RRP €2.59 for 500ml

The Cocoa Butter Body Balm is yummy smelling too. Its nothing special, it needs some elbow grease to really work it it into the skin, so don't be getting dressed straight away. Its good and oily and perfect for dry skins that need lubrication and hydration. Its smells yummy. I just wish it came in a bigger bottle, although having said that, because it is so rich, I don't have to use it everyday and it is lasting just as long as the shower gel. RRP: €4.49 for 200ml

The best of the bunch though, is the Cocoa Butter Hand Cream. RRP €2.99 for a very generous 80ml slim line bottle of cocoa buttery goodness. It smells yummy. It feels rich and balmy and moisturising and hydrat... wait, its all sunk in. And even though the yummy smell lingers, there is no greasy residue. My hands, nails and cuticles are looking really good at the moment, and I am putting it down to this baby.

Oh and did I mention the range smells totally yummy? Cos it really does....

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