Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Summer metallics 2

If you like this nail varnish from purse-friendly brand Catrice, then you had best hurry as its on their "to be discontinued" list. The name is a bit of a conundrum, I have no idea what relevance this has to any of the  Pirates of the Caribbean movies...  

Catrice 620 Captain Sparrow's Boat... 

Catrice 620 Captain Sparrow's Boat is a very pretty, dark grey/gunmetal metallic polish that leans towards a beetle-greeny grey, shot through with silver shimmer in the sunshine. Very pretty...

3 thin coats of greeny gunmetal gorgeousness

This need three thin coats to fulfil its true potential... I say three thin coats because I like to build up thin quick-drying coats as opposed to two thicker coats that have the potential to be smudged. The fist coat is patchy and streaky: 

1 Coat

1 streaky coat

The second coat seems to even out the colour a bit more, but the third coat... oh the third coat is the bees knees. Really. Three thin coats doesn't take that long to dry, so its well worth the effort and wait...

l - r: 1 coat, 2 coats, 3 coats

And looking at it in the sunshine I was reminded of something in my stash that looked a bit similar in colour, if only in the pan... Also a Catrice product, a mono eye shadow called 410 C'mon Chameleon. Tis very similar in the pan and in the bottle, no?

same same: 620 Captain Sparrow's Boat and 410 C'mon Chameleon

C'mon Chameleon swatches a bit differently to Captain Sparrow's Boat, but I still think the colours go together so nicely... a bit of grunge in the middle of what is supposed to be Summer...

Catrice mono eyeshadow: 410 C'mon Chameleon

As I said, Catrice Captain Sparrow's Boat (€2.79) is being discontinued... so if you like it, get it quick...


  1. Very pretty!
    Captain Sparrow's Boat is the Black Pearl and this polish is similar to Chanel's Black Pearl polish, so that's what the reference is!

    1. Aha! Thank you Katherine! and thanks for reading and commenting too!

  2. This is gorgeous - immediately made me think of Chanel too. You really suit the eyeshadow too.

    Nic x


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