Thursday, 26 July 2012

Manly skin care... with SPF

I am fortunate. My Other Half (OH) understands my obsession with skin care. He suffered with from acne in his teens and has the scars to prove it.

To keep him out of "My Good Creams", I buy him his own cleanser and face cream and he lets me know when they are running low and also if I must stick with what I bought or if I need to find him something else.

I got him this Boots Botanics Mattifying Day Cream SPF 15 a few months ago when boots had their 3 for 2 special on. And I seem to think it was in the €7 range (not more than €7.50 not less than €6.50), I know himself doesn't like the dewy (he says oily) look, so this seemed a good fit.

New Packaging for Boots Botanics Mattifying Day Cream

I took photos, had a sniff and stuck my clean fingers in it to test out the texture before closing it and popped it on his night stand with instructions to use "IN THE MORNING ONLY".

So far so good. This little 50ml tub has lasted him 4 months and he is only 2 thirds of the way through it. It hasn't broken him out, he hasn't complained about it smelling girly (I think it smells gorgeous... slightly citrus-y and fresh but the scent vanishes quickly) and it hasn't left him looking oily (dewy). And it has 5 star UVA protection and  SPF15 (UVB), so that base is covered for him too.

Awesome SPF

He normally has a fairly oily nose and forehead, and that is where he would get occasional breakouts, but this seems to be controlling the oil nicely, without drying his skin out too much. The Mattifying Day Cream also contains willowbark (which is where salicylic acid naturally occurs) and this is excellent for breakouts.

It is more of a lotion than a cream though and I think this has helped it last as long as it has, as you really only need a small amount to do your whole face. His only complaint is that it sinks in too quickly. He likes to have a good auld rub at his face, but this doesn't allow that.  He isn't complaining about the lack of break outs though...

a light, liquidy lotion, not really a cream

I tried it on the back of my hand and the light lotion sunk in very quickly, left my skin with a velvety, matte finish. I recon this would be a great base for foundation. I haven't used it on my own face... I need something a bit more hydrating, but this would be pretty good for combination skin. I am actually just thinking that I must try this myself over a serum and see how my skin fares...

This amount will do my whole face...

The ingredients listing on this cream isn't as "botanical" as you'd think... but I think I will overlook that as it is doing a great job on my OH's skin. 

ingredients list for Boots Botanicals Mattifying Day Cream

The whole Botanicals range has been repackaged to appeal to the  "young" and "hip" market, but I must admit I am attracted to the packaging myself, it is clean and fresh looking. A little of this goes a long way and is definitely worth the money. 

'scuse the shaky pic... but its clean and fresh looking :)


  1. I recently got a night cream of botanics and I'm quite excited to try it out!

    I opened it last night just to have a quick look at it and it's a purple colour (the cream is) weird huh?

  2. Hey there! I am glad I have found your post. Your OH is quite lucky to have you as his wife. It seems that he wouldn't need to go to a spa for facial care. I might try the products you have posted here since I want to look as neat as possible as well. I have read that petroleum moisturizers (the kind I used to have) could actually do my skin more harm than good. So, I'm trying to look for “friendlier” skin care products.
    Gregg Mulherin


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