Friday, 13 July 2012

129 + 129 = 2 x Glossy Balms

A glossy Lipbalm? Interesting....

the clouds in the sky really washed out the colour... stoopid clouds.

These little juicy tubes of glossy goodness are from Essence and will cost you €1.29.

Gloss isn't my favourite favourite lip product, but a glossy lip balm is something that I could get behind. These are essentially a lightly coloured gel encompassing a good lot of coloured sparkle with a hint of taste. Not being a big gloss fan (I don't like sticky things), I was worried that this would be sticky and glue hair to lips and generally promote a feeling of uncomfortable stickiness. It didn't, but only if used SPARINGLY. 

It sits nicely on the lips and feels nice and hydrating, without making me feel self-conscious about having massive sparkle and "wet look" lips.

Pink Dragon fruit is a lovely corally colour that smells of nothing and tastes subtly fruity, not overpowering. I couldn't feel the glitter particles and my lips felt lovely and moisturised and hydrated, but it didn't last long. I only applied a very little bit, as I didn't want to slip off the sofa and slide out of the door. The colour is very transparent when used sparingly, and it gives a lovely finish to lips, but not mad colour.

Essence Glossy Lipbalm Pink Dragonfruit

 Berry Sorbet, tastes vaguely like berries, but not in a genuine way. Its a lovely berry pink with pink, silver and blue micro glitter. Its my favourite of the two.

Essence Glossy Lipbalm Berry Sorbet

The only thing is that the first bit of balm that comes out needs to be discarded (onto a handy tissue) as   there seemed to be a bit of plain balm in the nozzle before the actual glitz comes through. Other than that I can't really fault the €1.29 tube of goo.

Now for the kicker... I didn't actually buy these. My 7yr old Daughter did, with her pocket money. And I have to say that they are entirely appropriate for her. A teensy bit of subtle colour, with a bit of sparkle (to satisfy her inner/outer magpie), but nothing more than that, and at a very good price.  The fact that I can "borrow" them in a pinch is handy. 

It's nothing special, but would be good for the beach or holliers as you wouldn't be fussed if it got lost...

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