Thursday, 26 April 2012

the name is deceivingly deceptive..

... especially in English. But this is another gorgeous Limited Edition Collection from Catrice.

Revoltaire will be available on stands at the end of this month (April 2012), and it truly is gorgeous. To see  a breakdown of the full collection, go have a look at where they break the whole collection down: I know that the girls over there fully rate the gorgeous palettes:

I am after just a few things in this collection:


The retractable lip brush (rrp €3.49). I have a lip brush from Elf, but I find that it is to soft and bendy, I prefer a brush that is a bit stiffer. I will wait and see....

Any (possibly All) of the three Lipsticks may make their way into my basket. I cannot decide with of them I like the look of more and I cannot wait to see them in the Flesh (or swatched on the back of my hand) and since these "Velvet Matte Lip Colours" only cost €4.49 each, its not going to break the bank. Available in C01 Colour Bomb (a coral pink), C02 Nude Alarm (a nood obvs) and C03 Bloody Red (intense red apparently) .

And, I even like the baroque-esque look of the lippy containers:

But if I had to choose just one product that I would need to have... it would so be this gradient blush (rrp €4.49). Its looks soooo awesome!!!! Lookit: 

 Catrice says this is a : "fascinating color gradient ranging from nude to coral pink, the Revoltaire Powder Blush has a silky, soft texture. It is a true explosion of color and is superb for modeling the contours of your face to create a gorgeous, radiant look."

I say: Just hurry up and get it to my local stand so that I can buy it! 


  1. Excited! Loving the packaging on these! I'll defo be picking up that wee coral lippie... Gorgeous :)


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