Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Saving time...

... and Face...

Says the Human+Kind website: "Human+Kind addresses one of the biggest frustrations amongst women today – a lack of time to invest in lengthy beauty rituals. Instead, Human+Kind provide a new pared down approach to skin care with a deliberate, capsule collection of all-natural, highly effective, multi-tasking products that are as versatile as they are essential. "

I am mother to two very active kiddies and so time-saving, multi-tasking products fit very nicely into my routine and onto my dresser.

Human+Kind All-In-One Day and Night cream has dutifully filled 2 gaps in my beauty routine. As with all of the Human+Kind products, they are made in Ireland, are all natural, preservative free, perfume/fragrance free and not tested on animals. All good things.

A 75ml tube costs €23.95 (which includes shipping) and it comes boxed in a most gorgeous and unusual box (that my son ripped open before I could) that is recyclable. The tube, which is soft and and squishable is also fully recyclable.

I only need a very small amount of product to do my face and neck. This spreads like a dream and my skin seems to suck it up like a greedy child scoffing free crisps. It smells clean, fresh, and vaguely herbal and even though the scent is not at all unpleasant it dissipates/fades very quickly.

This moisturiser is a water-based lotion (with added Avocado, Rosehip, Juniper Berry & Vitamin E Oils) that is beautifully moisturising on my cheeks, chin and neck, but leans a teensy bit greasy on my t-zone, so I just massage a very small amount into these parts of my face.
With this in mind, I would say that H+K Day and Night Cream isn't going to be a great fit for oily skinned peeps. However, on my 30-something changeable (can't decide if its dry or normal or oily, most often it is all three) skin it sinks in quickly and doesn't leave a film on my skin.

I really like that there are no mineral oils in this. My skin reacts badly to mineral oils. And it took me almost 6 years to realise that mineral oils are a trigger for my daughters eczema.

So far my skin likes this stuff. I haven't had any breakouts, I wake up with soft skin every morning after using this at night, and when I use it as a day cream my skin is left feeling comfortable and hydrated the whole day. Foundation goes on like a dream after applying this, and I didn't have oxidisation issues with it (I used my Catrice one and my Rimmel One).

While this hasn't vanished my pigmentation or my fine lines yet (its only been 3 weeks), it has helped my dehydrated cheeks, without "overgreasing" my t-zone. My hormonal breakouts haven't stopped, but they are less prominent (ie.: smaller and not as red, sore or angry), don't last as long and don't leave angry marks behind.

I have even used this on my Daughter's face. Hannah has suffered from eczema (which she seems to be growing out of, thankfully) since birth. At the moment the changing weather is playing havoc with her skin, especially on her poor face. We struggle to find creams that we can use on her face that don't sting. This DOES NOT STING!!!!! She loves it, because she is using some of "mommy's special cream" and her skin is actually looking fantastic.

I have been using it for around 3 weeks now and I can feel there is still loads left in the tube, so this should easily last me another 2 months at least, even though I use it twice a day.  I think I might spring for their Anti Ageing cream when it comes time to replace this though...

I was fortunate enough to have received the Human+Kind All-in-one Day and Night cream as a PR sample.

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