Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Miss Who??? Mizu... of River Lane

I popped my threading cherry. Yes sir I did. And it hurt. Quite a bit actually, but I blame going at the wrong time of the month. That and the fact that I had 2 hairy caterpillars over my eyes.

I popped off to Mizu of River Lane (in Dundalk County Louth) for my "sesh" with Louise last week Friday. Unfortunately they were right in the middle of doing some major upgrades in the Salon, so the reception area smelled a bit of wet paint and lumber. They are re-doing the Lash bar, Threading station, nail bar and building a new pedicure and manicure station, and adding a Make-up section too.

The relaxation room, which was lit by candles and fairy lights, smelled lovely and was surprisingly quiet, and even with all the building work going on there was not a speck of dust or a smidge of a smudge on any of the surfaces. Everything was clean and calm and quiet. Nice. I didn't have to wait too long, long enough to see that the magazines were recent, but not long enough to decide which of them I was going to read.

I was taken through to the well lit treatment room, and Louise was all business, but in a friendly way. She asked if I had done this before, eyed me up and asked what I wanted done. So I told her I just wanted a clean-up with a nice shape. I also told her that my Hubs had specifically told me NOT to come home with Pippa O'Connor's eyebrows. She nodded understanding and warned me, that this was gonna hurt a bit.

Hairy Caterpillars Before

I went in with a face bare of make-up, and she cleaned my eyebrows and said that even though it felt like she was going to taking off every single hair, she really wasn't, and to try to relax as much as possible. I lay back and did just that.

It was all going swimmingly until Louise started under my eyebrows (on the arch or the browbone). I jumped a bit and then my eyes started watering. But Louise stopped and handed me a tissue so I could wipe away the tears and take a wee breath. And then she finished. Quick and simple, with no hot wax and no pulling at the delicate skin.

What surprised me is how quickly it was finished, and how neat it looked afterwards, with very little redness. She used a clean cotton pad to layer on a bit of cooling aloe vera based gel, I could smell antiseptic tea-tree oil in it too, but it was very faint. It didn't sting, just felt really cool and soothing.

Neat Groomed eyebrows after

I was back in my car within 15 minutes of leaving it, and it cost me €12. Totally worth it. The Hubs even commented that my eyes looked more open, and within 20 minutes of having the treatment done, there was no redness!

I have always been very cautious of plucking my brows and have always leaned to the more conservative side of things, not wanting to have to draw my brows on. My drawing skills suck.

But I am really loving the shape she has left me with and I feel like I have a whole load of eyelid to colour in (I have fab colouring in skills, just ask my 7yr old).

I will deffo be going back to get this done again and possibly trying out other treatments on offer.

I have to say thanks to my friend Michelle, who pushed me to do this (Actually, I just got tired of hearing her complaining about the state of my eyebrows in photos).


  1. I got mine done a few weeks back also, and loved the result! you look fab! I think it makes everyone's eyes water tho, but I would never wax mine again.

    1. Thanks Lady! I am in love with them! It does hurt, but it is so worth it!

  2. They look great, she did a good job:)

  3. I LOVED YOUR BEAUTIFUL THICK EYEBROWS!!!! I am insane for a good brow. They look lovely though.

    1. Worry not! They are still fairly thick, but now they are neat and have a shape!!!!

  4. They look great! I am in the process of letting mine grow so I can get a proper shape done:)

    1. Thanks Anne. This is the first time I have ever let anyone touch my eyebrows, I would tweeze obvious strays, but was too scared to do anything too drastic. Louise was lovely and did what I asked, which I really appreciated!

  5. :-) Now my turn to go


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