Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Who'da thought...

A few weeks ago I won this Day to Night palette by ELF on the lovely Dee's blog:  http://dee-lightfulthoughts.blogspot.com/

The size of the mirror in the Transport Cover is impressive, and while it clips closed securely, it is still easy enough to open. The palettes fit snugly into the cover and the hole in the bottom of the cover allows for easy "swoppage".

I am not entirely sure what to do with the 2nd palette while the first is in the Transport Cover , so it is just sitting on my dresser, until I can wangle something for it. You can get extra covers on the ELF website, and while I can't find this exact set on the site, you can get the 6-in-1 Beauty To Go box.

The pigmentation of the shadows in the Day Palette isn't bad, perfect for subtle easy-on-the-go day looks, but expect a small amount of fall-out. The blush is the prettiest soft pink, but it is heartbreakingly difficult to get out of the pan! I had to scrape it with a beauty-spatula to get it to show in a swatch, and I gave up trying to get it onto a brush to put on my cheeks. 

The lipglosses aren't very well pigmented on their own (they are comfy to wear though, not too slippy or too sticky), so I mixed my Orange Rimmel Lippy with the pink gloss and fell in love with the shade. 

indoors L to R: Rimmel + Topmost Lipgloss, = Peachy Perfection

full sunshine L to R: Rimmel + Topmost Lipgloss, = Peachy Perfection

I got surprisingly good wear out of it, it lasted pretty well, lasting through 3 cups of coffee before I had to top up :)

The other products used:

In the above pic you can see the scrape marks in the blush, which is a pity as the ELF blushes are normally pretty good.

The winner is the Lip Combination. Peachy Perfection is my new favourite colour, now I just have to figure out how to top-up-on-the-go...

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