Friday, 9 March 2012

Heading for Splitsville...

... cue the "hang dawg" country blues...

My nails are in some state lately. It is driving me a little bit insane, because I generally do try to look after my nails.

- I always use a base coat.
- I use hand cream a few times a day.
- I use cuticle oil most nights when I am sitting down to watch TV or blog.
- I take a Vitamin/mineral supplement every day and I take Cod Liver Oil and EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) twice a day.
- I wear gloves when I do the washing up and when I do any gardening.
- I don't buff my nails very often (doing it too often will weaken the nails), and I file in one direction.

In short: I follow all the rules and regulation of the road good nail care. So:

Why Do My Nails Look Like THIS????:

When I won a Sally Hansen competition in December 2011, and this arrived in the post with a few other bits and pieces I was beyond thrilled.

I have been using this since December as my base coat when I paint a colour on my nails. And on the days when I go Nude Nails, I don't actually go fully nude, I wear one thin coat of this as instructed.

So far my nails are still mostly the same. But I am seeing a small improvement. My nails feel a bit more rigid and are less likely to flake and spilt at the slightest knock or accidental uncovered dunking. Its take a bit more than the 3days that they promise on the box, but so far with constant use it is working.

Something else I am getting out of this, is a bit of length. Because I don't have to file my nails down to the quick every 2nd week because 7 of the 10 have broken or split so badly.

I am lucky in that I have a really long nail bed, even when my nails are very very short, they don't look it, if I paint them. But I do like to see a bit of real length on my nails. It makes my fingers look a bit longer and adds a bit of elegance to the end of my arms, even it they are not painted.

This is helping. Its been 3 full months of using this, I still have more than 2/3 of a bottle left and when it runs out I will deffo be replacing it.

Sally done good : )

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  1. Your nail beds are so long! Beautiful! I have a similar problem, my nails split no matter how well I treat them. I think it must be genetic, because my mum's nails are the same. I'm definitely picking up a bottle of this!


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