Thursday, 29 March 2012

Glossing Poppy King

I won these two pretty glosses from Laura ( a few months ago. They don't have colours or numbers, so its a bit frustrating.

These offer sheer coverage that is not sticky, smells like nothing and tastes like nothing! A big bugbear of mine are lipsticks that leave a horrible / gick / metallic taste in your mouth. Urgh.

One (the orangy one) is just gloss. Its completely natural, with no real colour to it, just a vague peachiness. Even though, in the tube, it looks like a glitterbomb waiting to explode on your lips, the glitter is surprisingly subtle once out of the tube.

This non-colour gloss is just that, something that adds a bit of glisten to the lips, its shiny and glossy but in a subtle way. Very grown up.

The other is a lovely berry colour in the tube, and swatches that way too. But once it it on the lips it gives a pretty just-kissed/flushed look that I quite like.

This collaboration between Boots and Miss Poppy King comes in 7 different shades and costs £11 or €14.25 (according to my research) and you can get it at larger Boots stores (or Online). It's extremely comfortable to wear and my lips feel great even after it has worn off. It does wear off pretty quickly, it is a gloss, not a lipstick.

Overall I like this, its perfect to slap on when running out the door to to add a bit of polish to a hurried face, but I am preferring more pigmented offerings at the moment...

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