Wednesday, 28 March 2012


I had to google the band to see if it had one or two exclamation points. Thank goodness for technology hey?

This is what popped into my head when I first heard about Rimmel's new foundation 'Wake Me Up' (before you go go, don't leave me hanging on like a yo yo - you know you want to). That and bad 80's hair.

I decided to try a full size of Wake Me Up foundation (after loving a sample sachet in a magazine, even though the colour was a bit dark) because my trusty Catrice just wasn't cutting the mustard with my changing skin. Since the sample sachet performed pretty well, I decided to part company with 11 of my yoyobux for a full bottle in a lighter shade...

RRP for one of the 6 shades on offer is €10.95, but its on offer all over the place and I paid €6.95 for my bottle of True Ivory at my Other local pharmacy (the one that doesn't stock Essence and Catrice). The shade range isn't the widest, and they all tend towards orange (I swatched them all at the stand, and put them back into the correct place in the stand, I hate a messy stand), none of them is truly pale enough for Irish skins, if you have a tan (real or fake) then you should find something that blends.

What is fab is that is has a SPF 15 in it. Not the highest (and certainly not high enough for me), but its good that it has it.

The bottle is a good, solid, heavy glass one with and orange lid which conceals a handy pump. I like that the brand is embossed on the side of the bottle. Its not good for tiled floors though, thank goodness I do my make-up in my lovely carpeted bedroom.

One full depression on the pump dispenses more than enough product to do my entire face and a bit down my neck. It gives a fair medium coverage, but it is build-able to a good medium finish. This is geared to a more mature skin type, not OLD, just mature ie: thirties plus, or those with tendencies towards drier skin types. It doesn't give a particularly dewy finish, which so many of these kinds of foundation do, and I particularly like this aspect. It isn't particularly matte either. It just gives a great natural looking finish.

Wake Me Up is quite heavily scented, but the floral smell goes away fairly quickly.

Rimmel give a long schpiel about vitamins and peptides. All I needed to know is if it would be ok on my changing skin. Thankfully it is. It sits comfortably on my face, it doesn't enhance dry, flaky bits (between my eyebrows and around my nose) and it sticks nicely to my oily bits. It does tend to sink into pores next to my nose if I use it too heavily over my pores, but only if you look really, really, closely.

It does blend quite nicely, I have used my fingers, and an ELF stippling brush. The brush gives a much fuller kind of coverage, a more airbrushed effect. My fingers make it melt into my skin and gives a much more natural finish. This does tend to transfer onto my collar or my scarf if I an not careful to wait long enough between putting on my face and putting on my clothes

Even though this looks quite orange, it does blend out, and gives my luminously pale (horribly anaemic) skin a little bit of colour, while still looking completely natural. I like that it evens out my pigmentation too, by virtue of giving a bit of colour to my non-pigmented skin..

In the pic above, you can see where I have blended it out completely out towards my knuckles, and how I stopped blending at my wrist so you can see the colour difference.

I did a quick side by side comparison of the Catrice Photo Finish foundation (on the left) and Rimmel Wake me up (on the right). Rimmel is a bit more liquid and spreads a bit easier.

 You can see how easily Rimmel (right) blends in, the Catrice (left) needs a bit more work to get the same result.

I am quite pleased with this. I have been using it for 3 weeks now and I haven't had any adverse side effects (blocked pores, oxidising etc), but I am careful to thoroughly cleanse my face in the evenings. Time will tell if this is the foundation I settle on, my skin is still changing and I am just a slave to its needs ever-changing at the moment.

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  1. Great review; have been wanting to try this but not happy enough that there's a good shade for me. With all this sun though I should go back for another look! :)


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