Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Spring Style Statement?

I am not the biggest fan of Yellow. Yellow Crayons were neglected badly when I was younger, except to colour a sun. I actually think I would hide them, because for me yellow was a non-colour. It can look so so so so wrong. And I am just lucky enough that I would get it wrong.

But Spring needs pastel colours. Spring & Pastels go together like coffee & cream, Kirstie & Aisling, vodka & orange. Usually I stick with blues and purples, maybe a pink or two. Yellow?!?! Only on my toast in the form of cheese.

Although, Penneys may have changed my mind with these lovely pieces that I can't wait to see in my local store. I will hopefully be the proud owner of these at the end of January when they hit stores and I will be pairing them with my dark-rinse skinny jeans.

Ballet pumps €5

Daisy clasp belt €3

Sequin top €12
All I need is a Black/Navy blazer, tons of rings in my fingers and tousled beach hair (impossible on my untameable mane) and then I think my most fashionable friend Tracy, will be so proud...

What do you think?


  1. These are fab! Great find, Lady!

    That top will be in my wardrobe by week's end - mark my words!


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