Thursday, 26 January 2012

Its so well hidden...

Budget busting brand Catrice is really capturing the feel of an Ethereal Fairy Spring for 2012 (it should be on stands already) with their Hidden World Collection. This is a very feminine, mostly wearable range that has me a bit divided.

Hidden World Blush Mousse €4.29
Not sure about this, but only because I am still getting to grips with powder blush.  I had a look at the tester and I can't say I was that impressed. It's an extremely runny (nothing mousse about this), but fairly well pigmented bright pink ... er gel/lotion/cream (texture is hard do describe). I swatched a teeny bit of the tester on the back on my hand and it blended out to a very sheer finish (I imagine its build-able) and dried quickly, so I think you would need to be fairly well versed in liquid blushers to get a good finish with this. I am not getting this because I know I will just end up with Bosco cheeks.

Made to Stay Eyeshadow Souffle €3.99
At least this has an actual mousse/souffle texture. Pretty and well pigmented, 02 Yes I Wood is a shimmering  brown with a yellow gold undertone. Wood You Follow Me is a champaign-ey shade with gold shimmer very pretty, but a bit too yellow for me. I just can't see myself using Rosy& Cosy (pink with gold shimmer) on my eyes without looking like I have an eye-infection. I passed on these as well. Just not my colour.

01 Wood you follow me
02 Yes I wood
03 Rosy&cosy

 Liquid Metal Gloss €4.29
Hmmm... not sure what to make of these "elegant metal with cool shimmer" glosses, Left to right the colours are as follows: 01 Yes I wood (a nude looking colour) , 02 Walk in Air (a baby pink), 03 Rosy&cosy (a pinky red). I didn't swatch these as another lady came to see what I was looking at and so I left it.

Secret Mirror €3.49
This is a handbag essential for touch ups on the go, if you don't already have one. The outside of the case is white patterned leather. I didn't get to see the mirror inside. All the mirrors were nicely sealed to stop eejits with grubby hands staining the pristine whiteness. But I passed on this too. I have enough mirrors.

Illuminating Base €4.49
Catrice says "a creamy formula ensures a pleasant application and evens out small irregularities of the skin. The ideal preparation for imaginative creations and gorgeous make-up styles", Its a white gel/lotion, quite runny, that when smoothed out is Shimmer Central. Pearlescent is another good word to describe this its White/silver shimmer gel.  Teensy bit goes a long way. It does smell lovely though, soft and floral.

Normally my foundation is quite matte, as is my blusher, so I think I would mix the teeniest, tiniest drop of this in with my foundation to add a bit of illumination, as it were. Or maybe as a highlighter.
This is the  product that I was most interested to try. But I am divided on this product, its very pretty swatched on my hand, but I wouldn't put this all over my face as they suggest. Although for the price I might just get it and attempt highlighting. Or just use it to shimmer up my limbs in our "sweltering" summer  :)

Ultimate Nail Laquer €2.79
None of Catrice's Limited Edition collections would be complete with lovely new colours for nails. "C02 Walk on Air" is now part of my stash. Its a bit of a let down though. Its opacity is awful, especially when compared the fantastic opacity of Catrice's other polishes. 

Top to Bottom: 1 Coat, 2 Coats, 3 Coats.

 One coat is barely there. 2 coats is patchy. Three coats doesn't quite cover you can still see my moons (the bit of white at the base of my fingernail). This needs four coats at least or two coats over a base colour.

4 coats

But the colour is beautiful. Its Peach, a milky pinky peach with subtle pink micro glitter. Like nothing I have in my collection. 

Because I like this so much I decided to see if I could get a better colour by using this over a white base to get it to pop. It works, but you still need at least 3 thin coats to get non-patchy colour. And I still needed 4 coats to get full opacity and nice colour. Fail. So disappointing.

4 Coats on white base polish

It is a beautiful Colour and perfect for spring, if you are willing to take the time to build up those layers. 

With all the effort you go though for this, you will need a good top coat to ensure longevity, because this formulation is terribly prone to tip wear. 

The only good thing about this polish is that this collection of polishes have a new brush. Its thicker, wider and shaped to allow a single swipe to cover the entire nail (almost like the new Sally Hansen brush, just not as thick). The brush works fairly well, I only needed 2 swipes to entirely cover the nail. Just as well if you need 4 coats to achieve opacity.

Left to right are:  C01 White And Seek (frost finish white, so not my style), C02 Walk On Air (peach with subtle shimmer) and C03 Wood You Follow Me? (brown with silver shimmer).

The only question now is "Wood You?", cos I probably won't.


  1. I won't either! I saw this in town a while ago and the whole collection is just too pastel-y (is that a word?!) for me. None of these colours suit me, and the nail polishes don't even appeal to me (shock!!), so I'll be leaving this one where it is too :)

  2. I loved the look of this when I saw the preview over on but having actually had a closer look at it on stand none of it appealed to me either. This is completely unlike me when it comes to Catrice limited edition collections but it's good to see I'm not alone.


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