Thursday, 10 November 2011

trying to get through it....

um... I may have a problem... 

That was what I thought when I started collecting all the bath/shower/moisture/beauty products from around the house so that I could move it to the new house. 

And then I tried to lift the box.

Sheesh. That was when I decided no more buying stuff on offer because "sure its on offer and its a great price" and until I had at least used up more than half of the stuff I already had. 

First to go... Avon's Planet Spa African Sea Butter Brown Sugar Body Scrub (150ml).

I am not sure if you can still get this. I got it (you guessed it) on offer last Christmas. I should have bought more!!!!

This stuff is divine. If you are a baker, and have ever creamed brown sugar and butter together until light and fluffy and then added a bit of vanilla extract to this and had a sneaky taste of the result.... then you know exactly what this stuff smells like. And if you are not a baker... then this is exactly what I imagine this scrub would taste like if you could taste it.


Its a creamy gooey scrub with LOADS of grains in it.

It foams up a treat while still doing a great job at scrubbing off flaky dry bits. And you smell scrum-diddily-umptious after. So does the bathroom. 

The kicker... its so moisturising. It rinses off easily in the shower and my skin feels really soft and silky. I don't need to use cream after my shower.  Yay!!! Yes I realise its due to the (possibly) minuscule amount of african shea butter contained within its yummy-ness. 

The only issue that I have with this product is trying to get it out of the soft squishy bottle. The bottle itself is great. Soft and easy to squash. But the Lid. The blasted little lid. Its almost impossible to get it out of the little bitty hole they put in that lid. 

I get around this by standing the bottle on its head. And then instead of opening the flip-top lid and trying to squish its sugary vanilla goodness out of that little bitty hole, I just screw the whole stupid lid off. 


I seem to think I got this bottle along with 2 other Planet Spa products for €7.50. As I said I am not sure if you can still get this, but if you can.... try it cos its lovely! 


  1. Great, just great. Another Avon product to add to my ever expanding wishlist! Thanks very much. Hmmph...

    (Just kidding I still loves ya!)

  2. Ive just used up mine, and youre right, this is divine! The way I squeezed mines out was to prop the bottle between my chest and chin and press down with my whole head lol. taking the lid off seems like a lot less hassle now doesnt it? :P

  3. @fluff - If you can still find it get it, its great!

    @dazzle - that is innovative. I snorted my coffee out my nose when I read that! I learned my lesson early on... when it arrives, check to see if the lid comes ALL the way off.

  4. I love the stuff :) it's the yummy smell. The Brown Sugar Body Scrub was my fav Avon product for years. Squeezing the bottle stresses the plastic around the middle that leaves white crease marks making it look old and battered - hate that.

    I hope Avon never axe African Shea products from their Planet Spa range, I'd be gutted, it's my guilty pleasure. Ever gone to bed wearing the African Shea foot cream + moisturiser socks's the perfect end to a home pedicure :)

  5. Oh my goodness I have had this before and you're right, it smells frikken amaaaazinggg. YUM. I then tried a Japanese sake type one and while it looks similar (in fact, prettier as it has a pink sheen) it smells rotten. I gave up on it.

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog! I'm finally getting round to some catching up on blogs and I love yours; your posts are very funny!

    Oh and re: taking photos showing the make up looks I create from my weekly make up selection - I can try but I get up for work at 6am and the last thing I feel like doing is taking pics, but I should make the effort! Will see!


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