Wednesday, 19 October 2011

its the simple things...

For me, there is nothing more satisfying, than seeing a nice, neat pile of ironing. All ready to be put into the cupboards and hung on hangers.

the only thing that would make me happier...

if I didn't have to stand and do the ironing myself....

Something that I *ALMOST*  like doing, is the dishes.

I have my own little way of doing it. I have to use washing up gloves, because I like to wash the dishes with really, really hot water. And like most women, I also like to multi-task.

So I slather on the hand cream, throw on the gloves, lather up the dishes and allow the hot water to really help the hand cream penetrate and hydrate the hands while doing a task that would normally make me avoid going into the kitchen.

yes.. its the simple things that make the boring things bearable. If I have an audio book playing on my iPod, its even better. Almost almost  enjoyable :)

Do you do anything special to make the housework go quicker????


  1. Um... I don't actually mind housework much (freak that I am) - I have to have music on, though, or I'd go mad - eigher iPod or Radio, has to be loud and get me moving a bit quicker! The only house job I detest with a passion is cleaning the windows. H.A.T.E. x

  2. Great idea for the dishes!

    Fortunately for me & unfortunately for my Gorgebags they take turns doing 'em, week on week off - it's only fair, like :)


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