Monday, 24 October 2011

Ziggy Stardust sneezed on me...

I am moving house in 5 days. So of course I would choose to do a manicure that is probably going to get mashed, mangled, mutilated, mauled, maimed, minced and generally mistreated.

But its looks so pretty and so sparkly and I love it.

I have had these Silver Glitter French Tip Mani stickers in my stash for about 9 months now. I tried them out with just a plain nude base and I have to say I wasn't fond of the effect. Probably because I was in a hurry applying them and I didn't do it carefully enough.

But tonight I felt like I needed something pretty cool to cheer me up. And who doesn't think Silver and Black is the epitome of Cool.

I started with a base coat. The one I have been using for the last 4 years. And loving for the last 4 years. Its another Avon goodie. 24k Gold Strength Nail Treatment. Its a fantastic polish. Works really well as a base and top coat, doesn't allow polishes to stain my nails (although I have never worn red polish, so I cannot comment of its effectiveness there). Its helped my nails through some awful flaky patches.

Avon have changed the formulation a bit in the last 6 months. The gold flecky things aren't as big as they used to be, they are more like gold dust particles now, but other than that its still great. It goes on nice and thin and dries quickly. Yay Avon. This normally retails for €7 per bottle, but I picked up 3 bottles (I love it that much) when Avon ran a special for €2.50 per bottle. Score.

I layered on two thin coats of everybody's favourite brand... Essence Nail polish. This one is a limited edition that I picked up for €1.49 earlier in the year, so I am not sure if you could still get this. From their Denim Wanted range. Its a beautiful black polish with a very fine silver shimmer through it. Very pretty in the bottle, but it doesn't come though on the nails, which is a pity.

Open the pack of Essence French Glam Nail Stickers which cost €1.49. Select the mostly correct size sticker for your nail. Then you basically just peel the sticker off, place carefully on the nail tip, smooth down over the edges and carefully file off any excess. But if you place them really, really carefully on the edge of your nail you shouldn't have to do this at all. It is a bit thick on the nail, but its a sticker. So to try to stop it from snagging on things and peeling off I topped it off with another coat of the Avon 24k. Ideally you would need something nice and thick and gloopy to fill in the ridge created by the sticker on the nail.

This is not going to stand up to the move or my general day to day man-'hand'-ling. But for a special evening out, this should do very nicely... also for a Grand total of € 5.48, you can't really complain  :)

Styled with Davy Grolton's mustachio from the Long Road To Ruin Video (Foo Fighters), which I won in a recent giveaway over on Sara's Blog...

Have a great week everybody... wish me luck with the packing :)


  1. Super cute! Best of luck with the house move xxx

  2. Ohmigosh I LOVE it. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!! Going to track those tips down and if not, some sparkly glittery silvery polish that will ensure I leave a trail like a slug. Love it!

    Good luck with the new place!!

  3. love the nails!


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