Monday, 10 October 2011

I think I have a problem...

This is my collection of nail polish. Its not massively huge comapred to a Salon (maybe) or a Shop, but my husband thinks I own far to many. My Daughter on the other hand thinks I could do with many, many more.

So between her 6yr old tastes and mine, I mix polishes, put odd top coats over matt polishes, add glitter dust to french mani's, or any mani's for that matter. And the more glitter, the better, especially for my Daughter.

I own no high end brands. I find that with a half decent base polish and some kind of top coat, the budget offering perform really well. 

And I fit it all into this clever box/bag that fits everything (for the moment). I got it on offer from Avon (again)

So what do you think? Do I have a problem? Which colours do I need more of?


  1. I'm with your daughter. You need more :) I've gotten to the stage where I'm sneaking nail polish into the house, NOT GOOD!!! Catrice do lovely purples and blues, Barry M are really good, NYC aren't bad, Essence have a really cute one called something like Oh my Godness, or Oh my Goldness, it's a goldy one and it's very much like Chanel Graphite, closest I've seen anyway. I am an enabler :(

  2. hahah, MissGreenEyes, I showed you mine... lets see yours!


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