Friday, 21 August 2015

Testing testing: NYC Cityproof 24hr Waterproof Eyeshadow

Did you know that the gorgeous Demi Lovato is the face (Global Brand Ambassador) of budget makeup brand New York Colour (NYC)? Did you also know that this Yung'un turned 23 yesterday? And did you know that these gorgeous NYC Cityproof 24hr waterproof eyeshadow sticks are on NYC stands now? Cos they are, AND they are lovely considering their miniscule €3.49 price point!

A waterproof formulation, in an easy to apply creamy pencil that needs no sharpening (it has a twisty up bottom) applies easily with very little dragging on eyelids. New York All Night (matte black) and Tribeca Taupe (matte taupe/greige) are my favourite favourites. A super easy smokey eye with very little fuss or faff. And it literally takes 5 minutes.

a single swipe on the top so you can see payoff, and the bottom is a thicker swatch with 3-4 passes.

Colour in the whole moveable eyelid with Tribeca taupe, and use a blending brush to blend it into the crease and soften the edges, move on to the other eye to allow the colour to set a bit. Use New York All Night to line against the lashes, don't faff with being perfect, just lay down a good thick strip of colour, and blend up and outwards. A dab or two of taupe blended into the bottom lash line for finesse. A layer or two of NYC Cityproof Waterproof Mascara finishes the look and you are done and ready to polish your brows and get out the door. I love it.  Add a little sparkle in the inner corner with Murray Hill Champagne to keep things interesting... but I only did that after I stopped taking pics...

The other three are  Wall Street Bronze (beautifully shimmery bronze), Rockerfeller Center Snowflakes (a frosty white) and East River Romance (shimmery electric blue). Dee from Dee-Lightful Thoughts snapped about Wall Street Bronze for Blue eyes, and I have to add that is looks lush on brown-eyed girls too, more so in the sunshine when the shimmer really comes out! Pigmentation is out of this world, it applies like a dream, needs very little blending and it just brilliant.

Rockerfeller Center Snowflakes looks patchy in the shade and in truth it was hard to get a nice pic of it on my eyes, it was patchy and not pretty. But just look at it in the sunshine! I think this would make a great base for a metallic eyeshadow, helping to bring out the glimmers and simmers that sometimes don't translate.

I used East River Romance as a liner just above already applied black eyeliner. Not the best idea. The tip is quite big and isn't for precision work. It ended up pulling up the liner and muddying the colour. It was also a little patchy and uneven. But I think it was my own fault because the just look at those swatches, they're blahdy gorgeous! So I think this needs to go on primed lids, not oily,sweaty betty lids like mine. I will try it again and post results on Instagram.

Wear time for the smokey eye combo is pretty good. I got the whole day out of it (from 10am until 9pm) and while it did smudge a bit after our after-dinner-walk, I still had to use a makeup remover to get it all off my lids properly ( I used Garnier Micellar Water btw). 24hrs is just silly, nobody should have eyeshadow on their eyeballs that long, gross, but I easily get 6 - 10hours without touch-ups. 12-16hrs if you used a great oilfree primer and set it with a little translucent powder.

after 4hours wear on the eyes, I just added the swatches again so you could see the matte-ness 

If you are around a NYC stand then pick up the matte shades and New York All Night, Tribeca Taupe & Wall Street Bronze because they are crackers!

Oh and Happy belated Birthday Demi!


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