Monday, 24 August 2015

Essence Liquid Lipstick: Gorgeous Altogether

I always, ALWAYS, have a little nosey at the essence stand in my local pharmacy whenever I go in. Their products are pretty good considering their price points and they are always coming out with limited edition ranges that more often than not contain real gems. The latest collection is called
Love At First Try and so far the gem in this collection is the Liquid Lipstick for just €3.09. There are six colours in the range, but I only bought the stunner 04 Show Off!

Admittedly, 4mls isn't an awful lot, but this little hybrid packs quite a punch in the pigmentation department. This is a lipstick crossed with a gloss and the formulation feels exactly like that: Glossy and smooth but balmy and comfortable at the same time. BUT, If you over load your lips it is going to be sticky and it will bleed, so gently gently with this. The applicator does give great control so you can apply quite precisely without having to line your lips.

essence Liquid Lipstick 04 Show Off! is a bright fuchsia pink that is really pretty. Bright, but oh so pretty. I have included swatches in the shade and in the sun in the pic above so you can see how glorious it is: a real show off colour! OOOoohh and they smell nice too, like sweets, but not mad-in-your-face-sweet.

Wear time is quite good considering the price, it stays quite balm-like on my lips even when the gloss is gone. The colour payoff it lovely too, leaving a nice satin finish stain after the gloss goes. If you want to keep the shine you will have to top up, but the packaging is so chic, you won't mind bringing this cutie out for touch ups.

 If you like the colour but aren't keen on the shine, a little blot with a tissue takes away 80% of the shine but leaves all of the colour. Apart from the colour, the best thing about this is that it doesn't dry out your lips and you don't need a perfect base to get a great result.

essence liquid lipstick 04 show off! 

 As I said there are 6 shades (see them on the essence website) and I am definitely going to be picking up more of these luscious liquid lipsticks and I'll post as soon as I do because they are lovely!  I know that Catrice is doing them as well so I am keep to pick up one or two of theirs so I can compare them.

€3.09 isn't going to break the bank so I urge to to pick up at least one and see if it doesn't impress you! Find an essence stand in most Penneys stores and selected pharmacies.


  1. OMG!!! That is so pretty. I super love the color and coverage is great as well. I wanna try this out!

    1. They are really lovely Susie, and as I said cheaper than chips! Let me know what shade you get!

  2. YOU LOOK GORGEOUS CINDY!! Love these guys so much :)

  3. You look so pretty Cindy, your hair is stunning! I love a liquid lippie, will definitely pick up one or two of these x

  4. Replies
    1. I think Show Off! would flatter most people Inessa. Let me know if you get one.


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