Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Amazonia Preciosa Facial Clay Mask: a little meh.

I adore the Surya Brasil Henna Hair Colour Cream. But I am not entirely sure how I feel about this Clay Facial Mask from the same people...

I couldn't wait to get this on my face.. I opened it and remembered to take a pic before using it!!

Amazionia Preciosa is the premium facial & hair care range from Surya Brasil. Sourced and packaged ethically, the pot is completely bio-degradable (you can pop it into your brown-bin or compost heap. And for €27.60 you get 80g of product. Which is a bit expensive, but you need very little and you should get about 10 applications out of the pot.

The unusually shaped makes for an instant pretty ring keeper as the mask is housed in a separate flimsy plastic pot that fits rather nicely into my bathroom cabinet and it comes with a small spatula so you don't have to dig your fingers into the clay.

The pretty pot and the spatula and the mask

SO this Facial Clay Mask is supposed to be revitalising and perfect for all skin types. This hydrates, firms and the clay absorbs excess oil. It is 100% vegan, made with acai oil and smells pretty nice actually.

Freshly applied... hopes high.

It feels wonderfully soothing and cooling when you put it on and it spreads surprisingly easily. And with it being clay based you would expect it to dry hard and tight... it doesn't. I sat with this on my skin for almost 30 minutes and didn't feel uncomfortable at all... I mostly forgot I had it on!

And it rinsed of easily with warm water and a face cloth. I had a few misgivings about ever getting my beloved face cloth clean... it was as orange as my face! But a spin through the washing machine and it was fine!

My scrunchie face... just for Donna von Kristmas.

But honestly I didn't feel much of a difference in my skin after using this. Which was a bit disappointing as I had such high hopes for it. My skin felt just the same as it had before I used the mask. Poop. I didn't even get the satisfaction of scrunching up my face to crack the mask...

 not a crack in sight...and a little unsatisfied 

Maybe I have to use this in conjunction with the other facial products in the Amazonia Preciosa range to feel a difference on my skin. But at least I know that I am putting good stuff that is good for me on my skin.

If you are interested in trying this out, you can get it at It's the place I get my beloved hair henna too :)

**PR Sample gratefully received.


  1. I'm so disappointed that this isn't any cop. I love clay masks and thought about getting this. What a shame :/

  2. Disappointing but love your pictures:)

  3. Pity this isn't any good. I love clay masks. Love your crunching face haha.x

  4. Ah such a shame! At least you got a nice ring holder out of the packaging so all is not lost haha :)

  5. That's a shame, there's nothing worse than an underwhelming face mask :(

  6. You're too funny! Love a good drying clay mask myself :).


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