Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Vichy Idealia Pro Dark Spot Corrector

Hi, my name is Cindy, and I have a problem. I was a silly silly teenager and now I am paying the price. You see I lived fast and loose with sun for almost 26 years (well my mom used to slather me in sunscreen until I was 14 and then I got Attitude) when I lived in South Africa. 2 pregnancies didn't help matters either, and now my skin is.... well... its not good. I have Pigmentation (big dark patches), in a bad way.

But I have mended my ways, and I am trying non-surgical, non-facial treatments at home and I am wearing SPF everyday and I wear my hat religiously and I re-apply SPF during the day if I am spending time outside. Anyways... Skincare is at the top of my FIM (Fix It Myself) list, mainly because its a more affordable route to go at the moment.

Its taken me 4 weeks of waiting patiently to get this post up so that I could give Vichy Idéalía Dark Spot Corrector Serum a chance to do its thing and see if it is working:

First, its available in all good Pharmacies and Boots stores, the 30ml tube cost me €34.50 and it does come with a companion moisturiser, but my budget wouldn't stretch that far...
Vichy says its good for the following concerns:
- Brown Spots (I have those in abundance)
- Sun Spots (I have loads of those)
- Age Spots (I have cough-none-cough of those)
- Blemish Marks (A-plenty)
- Blotchiness (hells yeah)

I am using this twice a day in conjuncton with the L'Oreal Toner and one of a few moisturisers I have on rotation, and I think its working.

The handy pump dispenses exactly enough to do my whole face, and while its irritating that the bottle is opaque and you can't see how much product is left, but I will over look that because the serum sinks in quickly, hasn't irritated my skin, and I think that it may be the first product that is actually working!

This is a bit scary, The following photos are of my face, with not a scrap of makeup, taken on a Sunday night at 8pm, over the course of 4 weeks so that I could track any changes... here goes:

This was taken as the control, before I had used the cream: I haven't corrected any of the following photos in any way, this is just me.

I am not going to show the 1 week photos because there is no difference in the brown bits. So this is 2 weeks later and you can kind of see a lightening of the outside of the brown areas:

3 weeks later and I can see an improvement in my forehead, with one of the patches starting to break down in the middle:

4 weeks doesn't show as much of an improvement, but its not without changes, I think the overall darkness of the pigmentation patches are a bit lighter:

I think I may have seen a bigger improvement a lot faster if I had used the matching moisturising cream, but that will have to wait until next month when I get paid again.

Overall I am pretty pleased with Vichy's Serum performance, and I can't wait to add the moisturiser into the mix as I think it will really help boost the Serum's performance. I will update again in 4 weeks with another comparison post so I can see if there is a marked improvement after 8 weeks. I recon I still have another 4 weeks of serum left in the tube...


  1. Ah brill and fantastic to see all the photos

  2. you can def notice a difference cindy, nice post :)

  3. Thanks for the photo updates, but here's a suggestion: It seems like you put the cream all over your face and your complexion became lighter and much brighter, but maybe you should put the cream only on the spots where you have the darker skin so that it can even out with the rest of your lighter skin tone. I don't know if that's what you did but it just came to mind and thought I'd help. Hope it did somehow. Good luck! = )

    1. Thanks Anon, I was concentrating the majority of the serum on the dark spots, but I also have chicken-pox and pimple scars on my face and I was hoping to catch those as well. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Thanks for sharing the photos. I have spots on my skin and looking for a dark spot corrector but I am a bit worried as I don’t know which one to use but this post made it easy for me .


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