Thursday, 8 November 2012

My improved shower routine with Dove...

I shower every night. I don't wash my hair every time I shower (only 2 - 3 times a week), but on the nights I do wash my hair, I tend to turn the experience into a ritual. And this new fandangled Dove Créme Mousse Body Wash has turned my ritual into what feels like a proper Spa Ritual.

I like to do things in order on my Hair washing nights, very ritualistic, calming and zen thoughts and I tend to make a bit of a deal out of it (not a big deal, but a bit of one)...

The Dove Products are all falling very, very nicely into my ritual. I always start with a quick face cleanse to get the majority of the make up off, then I hop into the shower and start with my Hair. I always start with my hair.

Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo (RRP €3.50 but they are frequently on special: I got mine half price), smells lovely, lathers like a trooper, and cleanses gently without stripping the hair. You don't need loads to get a good head of bubbles and it rinses out easily. I am really, really liking this.

There is a matching Conditioner for the Intensive Repair Shampoo, but I went with the Dove Heat Defence Conditioner as I am straightening my hair more often at the moment. This is also softly scented, a little coats and conditions hair strands and smooths the cuticles. It also rinses out really easily and my hair doesn't feel weighed down or greasy after using it. It seems to make the straightening process go a bit quicker as well, which is always a bonus as it takes me an age to get my kinks out.

Once a week I replace the conditioner with the Dove Intensive Repair 1 Minute Mask. Oh what a product. I use a good dollop, work it through my hair, shave my pits and legs and then rinse my hair. Even while rinsing you can feel how soft your hair is going to be when its dry. It nourishes and just generally bestows love and blessing on my winky-wonky-not-straight-not-curly hair. My hair dries in about half the time it normally does when I use this, and straightening is a breeze. For € 4.80 (or €2.40 on offer!) I am in the love with this. The scent does linger, but its soft, and it just smells like clean hair to me. I LOVE this stuff.

But the star of the shower is the New Créme Mouse Body Wash (RRP: €4.80).

It is just gorgeous. The thick whipped texture of this pearlescent créme is a joy to use, and its going to last a long time, as you don't need huge dollops of product to get loads of creamy lather to cover your body.

I use about this much to do my whole body, and I don't use my normal shower poof/rose/sponge thingy anymore.

I spread this between my hands and massage over my skin, so that it creates a cocoon of mousse-y moisture-y bubbles and then I rinse it all off while enjoying the lovely fresh scent that rises up. Then I get on with cleaning my face properly and one last hair rinse (to make sure I do a proper rinse job) and that is my shower done.

 Do I love this stuff? Yes. Yes I do. I love it so much himself is NOT allowed to touch it. Except for the hair stuff. I love it when the kids hair and his hair and my hair is soft and shiny and smooth and silky and most importantly for my daughter: knot-free. So the Dove hair range is a staple. When it comes on special I will stock up, so I never run out.

I didn't think I would get into the Dove products as much as I have, but I have to say Dove have really impressed me. The products fit nicely into my shower, into my routine and best of all:  into my budget. Overall Dove are great value for money products.

** Dove Créme Mousse Body Wash is a gratefully received PR Sample.
* I purchased the Hair products myself. 


  1. Love the styling of the pictures! Always forget about Dove hair products, must try again!!!

    1. Thank you! I am surprised at how much I like them too!

  2. I think I may be needing the damage therapy shampoo and the repair mask, they sound great!x


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