Monday, 20 August 2012

Mani(c) Monday: Sunny SW

Not much art going on in this mani, but I felt like I needed to get some summer cheer onto my nails, and nothing says summer like Yellow pastel nail varnish and glitter. Pretty pretty Glitter :)

I used two coats of the old essence 51 Mellow Yellow, one coat is very patchy, but two thin coats give great coverage and full opacity and a lovely pastel yellow colour.

Then I used an effects topper from the limited edition Essence Snow White collection, called 03 Prince Charming.

 A Clear base with small silver glitter particles, and great huge hulking bright blue hexagonal glitter particles. I love it.

But for all its beauty, its very difficult to work with. A single thin coat deposits a lovely amount of silver glitter, but very, very few big blue bits. Poop. And... it takes an age to dry. And then you don't even have enough blue bits. So you know you have to do more coats...

So the next coat I tried to place more of the blue glitter bits all over the nail nicely but it also meant that I was left with quite a thick coat of the clear polish. Which takes a LITERAL AGE to dry. Seriously.

Hoping not to muck this up (because it was just so so pretty), I sat with my fingers doing nothing but working the computer mouse for the better part of 3 hours (while himself was watching a movie).

But I still managed to get two fingers smudged when I went to unbutton my jeans. sigh.

I still really like how it looks though, the glitter doesn't feel rough, it didn't catch on any of my jumpers that I wore this week. And it wore like a dream with no noticeable tipwear or chips. And it removed like a dream. I didn't have to rub or scrub at my nails like I do with other glitters.

If you can still get your hands on Mellow Yellow (€1.29), and you like it, I would stock up, its not included in the new line up of colours that is due (or may already be) on Essence stands.


Happy Monday!

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  1. Ooh the Prince looks lovely over yellow! It does take an AGE to dry, I hate that, but it's so worth it. The Snow White Collection was my favourite Essence one this year x


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