Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Snow White: Coming In July/ August 2012

It's officially July 2012 and I have been holding on to this info until the actual release date, so that I didn't forget about it, and so that it didn't pass us by unnoticed. FAT CHANCE.

The Essence Snow White Collection should be on stands some time in July/August 2012, and all items are covetable...

The full collection is all nail based, with 8 colour nail vanishes, 3 special effect "toppers", nail stickers and a nail file. I love the nail file. €1.59 is what you will need to part with for this Beauty. 

even the Wicked Queen can be useful...

01 Snow white is the only polish in the collection that will come in a 7ml bottle, it looks to be a beautiful blue based True Red, and it will cost €2.29.

The "Dwarves" are 5ml bottles and will set you back €1.99. While I haven't seen these IRL (in real life), the pics look gorgeous and I have made a call on the colours as depicted by the pics. Can you remember all the Dwarves names?? Can you?

This here is 02 Grumpy (Blue):

Next is 03 Doc (creme orange):
  Then 04 Happy (sunny yellow):
 05 is Sneezy (thank goodness it isn't the colour of snot... it looks to be "greige")
 then 06 Sleepy (a soft Pastel Blue):
 07 Bashful (looks to be a lovely forest green):
 08 Dopey (my Favourite of the Dwarves... and a lovely soft-spoken lilac):
So far, if you purchased all the vanishes and the nail file your tally would run to €17.81, Not bad for 8 vanishes and a double sided nail file.

The stickers look interesting and will set you back a "bank breaking" €1.59
 I think these will steal the show though, the Toppers (effects top coats), I have no info on size, but I recon they will be 7ml. I do have the Price info though, and these will run at €2.29.

Available in 01 Evil Queen, (purple hexagonal glitter particles):

02 The Huntsman (which looks suspiciously like Make It Golden):
 and 03 Prince Charming (silver and blue flake-y string-y looking thingies, I will have this):

Add these to the previous total and the ENTIRE collection will cost you €26.27. For 11 polishes, a pack of nail stickers and a nail file. Will I be getting al of them? I think I just might, Something to cheer myself up after having to say goodbye to my folks after a very short visit.

That said, I am hoping beyond all hope that my village actually gets the entire collection. And I hope that they get it soon....


  1. Apparently some places in Dublin have it already, I'm going on the hunt down here on Friday - I really want that Prince Charming topper and a couple of the dwarves - also, now you've made me want the nail file. Bold girl! x

    1. WHAT?!?!?!?! No Fair!!! I just know that my pharmacy isn't going to get this until late August... I will have to look when I am in Dub Next week...

  2. Those nail effect toppers look fab, I might just have to get my hands on them.


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