Friday, 6 July 2012

looking for Pain Free Shaving?... I have the Solution...

This arrived in the post, and after one sniff ( I really LOVE the smell of Cloves), I reluctantly handed the little bottle over to the hubs and told him to read the insert (instructions) and test it.

that is my razor... and the lovely Total Shaving Solution Oil

"Only three drops?" he says, "that is never going to do it".
"Just try it, please" says I


"I really like that stuff you gave me" He says
"Really?! Ok, great. What did you like about it most"
"Not the way it stings my eyes" he replies
I hang my head and shake it gently, "You were only supposed to use three drops, and massage it into your beard, not use three squirts and wash your face with it"
" I did!!! I only used three drops.... but the fumes... the fumes made my eyes water" he says fanning his eyes...

lookit, a dinky bottle perfect for travel

Well, he likes Total Shaving Solution. I like it too. I have sneakily used it when shaving in the shower (its the only place I shave).  Tom Murphy is onto something very good here...

I believe it. 

Its the only thing himself is using to shave his face at the moment, he has put away his shave gel (lies, I found it on the floor kicked behind the sink, so I picked it up and put it away), and even after using it every day (except weekends) for the 6 weeks, the bottle is still more than 95% full, you really only need three drops to do a full face, or a half leg (ankle to knee). One drop will do both under arms. And no, I don't shave my face...

three little drops do a face or a leg... you choose...

The dropper is fantastic and dispenses the fragrant oil like it is supposed to be: drop.... drop.... drop.... drop. Not drop, dropdropdropdribbleahfecktoomuch!!! And the instructions on the box are uncomplicated and sensible. As I said, even himself followed them, to the letter and it netted him a great shave and his skin looks fab after. It really has helped with his occasional break-outs and his skin is less red and irritated after shaving.

easy instructions for men.

The ingredients are simple, and extremely nourishing, and dare I say it... Manly. I love how Mr Skew smells after he has shaved with this. Spicy and clean and er uhm... Manly. Clove and Lavender are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, all good things for himself's skin.

€20 for two 25ml bottles (that last up to 12 months) is totally recession friendly and environmentally friendly in that the little bottle are much easier to recycle than shaving cream/foam tins.

Want to treat himself to a lovely new way of shaving, check out a good pharmacy near you.


  1. It sounds brilliant, but I know well that if I got it, himself would not use it and It'd be sitting in the basket along with every other product I chose for him :( P.S. - behind the sink seems to be a popular male storage area ;-)

  2. One of the best products for a pain fee shave used to be maximum comfort shave cream by labs series until they removed the benzocaine. Now ther is a very similar product at that use lidocaine. It gives a very good have with minimal discomfort.


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